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MineData Jam Informational -- Volume #1

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Level 1 : New Organization
MineData Jam Informational -- Volume #1

MineData Jam Informational -- Volume #1

With Season 2 wrapping up a few months back, Season 3 Unfolds and is about to kick up a nightmare storm! This Jam, a new idea is being used that will help set this Jam apart from the rest; time frame! The time for the Jam has been set to 2 months, rather than 1! This gives you double the time to make your datapack yours; however, this will come with some new challenges unseen before...

Something Strange!?

Season 3 will begin on August 1st, and will end on October 1st, giving you 2 months to create the best datapack possible, however, there will be challenges to creating a pack over this long timespan. This 2 month feature is only for Season 3 of MineData Jam, and will not continue to further seasons unless changed in the future.

Website Revamp!?

The Website has been revamped! For the all new color pallet and brand new areas to explore, come on by and see the work being put in to create such a large event! This has been in the planning (and still is) so remember that anything you see is subject to change!

This MineData Jam Informational will continue as we have more information to bring to you! For more information, please use the Website, Discord, and Planet Minecraft Group! Thank you for reading!

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