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Minedeas - Void Walker, Mythril and More!~

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Hello! This is my post for the Minedeas blog contest!

I have been thinking about these things since beta, and I am glad

there is an opportunity for me to express my opinion on it!

I hope you all enjoy this blog!

#1: Mythril

Information on Mythril
  • Similar to redstone, it drops in 4,5 and 6s
  • Drops "Mythril Shards"
  • 4 Mythril Shards in a block like formation (like when your crafting a brick) forms a mythril gem
  • Is used in Crafting Recipies
  • You can make armour, tools and weapons out of the mythril gems
  • has the power and rarity between diamond and gold

#2. Void Walker

Information on Void Walker
  • Is used to travel thorough the space-time continuum to travel distances invisibly
  • Doubles as a Sword
  • To Activate, you swing the sword while right clicking to cut an opening in the Space-Time Continuum then, it has a similar affect to the invisibility potion accept that your armor and weapons don't appear.
  • Lasts 15 Seconds
  • You can Interact with lifeforms in Minecraftia
  • Crafted like a sword, but with 2 mythril gems up the middle and an ender pearls on each side of the gems

#3. Endchantments

Information on Endchantments
  • Endchantments are unique enchantments
  • The Endchantment Table is crafted by using mythril gems as the diamonds and endstone as the obsidian
  • Works like a regular enchantment table
  • Has enchants that grant you certain power on your weapons

Sword Enchants:

Teleport Hit: When you hit the Mob it teleports to a location 20 blocks away from you (I, II)

BoE (Bane of Endermen) : Doubles the attack damage on Endermen (I, II, III, IIII, IIIII)

Bow Enchant:

Dragon Breath: Gives 15% of your arrows an "enderflame" which lights the opponent on fire while dealing the damage of a power 4 arrow

(Only I and II level enchants)

#4. Glowstone Torches

Information on Glowstone Torches
  • Crafted like a torch, but glowstone dust instead of coal
  • Provides the light of a glowstone but within a smaller radius

#5. Foods

Information on Foods
  • Sandwiches: Crafted Bread, (Ingredient), Bread, Sideways or Vertically!
  • Ingredients: All Meats (even rotten flesh!), Egg, Apple

Thanks for Reading!!!


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06/29/2013 12:13 pm
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Mithril is a fictional metal, first mentioned in The Lord of The Rings, with capabilities pretty similar to titanium- No rust, hard, but very light.

Later on, many games have taken the idea and changed it a little in all sorts of ways.
12/15/2012 10:27 pm
Level 26 : Expert Dragonborn
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