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Mobs Reimagined Community Event Summary

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There were a record breaking 759 entries in the Mobs of Minecraft Reimagined Skin Event!! Our previous record was 685 in the Fall Festival community event last year! We saw just about every mob possible in this fun event! From creepier creepers, to realistic robo-golems, to Horrifying HD versions of Ghasts, and everything in between! Here's a summary of some of our favorite reimagined land, sky, water, and nether mobs!

There are so many land mobs in Minecraft including rabbits, sheep, wolves, foxes, chickens, cats, creepers and golems! We can't forget about the witches, zombies and villagers or the spiders, skeletons and silverfish's. We're certain this isn't the complete list, but it gives you a general idea of the diversity of mobs that scour the lands. Here's a summary of what we saw in this event!

Wolf_with_Scarf puts a very creepy twist on the creeper mob, making it a more terrifying monster than ever before. Their version includes a big wide mouth with jagged, crooked teeth. The submission states:

"Despite having a wide mouth, it doesn't actually eat anything. It doesn't even have a proper digestive tract to begin with. All its have in its body is the highly combustible fluid composed of rotten organic material."

The creeper also has some serious toe nails, and a bellybutton. A creeper with a bellybutton can certainly be trusted, right?

Is this creeper a little too creepy? Then check out this one by crwbanman. Their version remains relatively true to what a Minecraft creeper mob normally looks like but with a different green palette.

Below are some more re-imagined creeper mobs:
Mobs Reimagined Community Event Summary

steampunk Minecraft SkinSteampunk Creeper by ziggy like stardust
Realistic Creeper Minecraft Skin
Realistic Creeper by MrEmerald2006

Golems are one of the largest mobs and can be passive, neutral, and hostile. They are considered one of the strongest mobs, being made up of iron!

We loved these three Iron Golem skins that took the already cool mob, to another level. They stayed sort of true to the original iron golem in that they're all made of some sort of metal. Two of them have furnaces in their chest with fire inside to make it look like they operate when stoked with fire. Cool!

Mossy machinery (iron golem) Minecraft Skin
Mossy Machinery by Nico_N
Robo-Golem Minecraft Skin
Robo-Golem by Nox Eternus

Reforged Golem Minecraft Skin
Reforged Golem by Kemiu

As with some mob models in this event, the fox mob model was used to create a different animal in some instances!

Veryn chose to create a raccoon using the fox model and we think it's just the perfect model for it!

Raccoon Minecraft Skin
Raccoon by Veryn
There are almost no words for this cute rabbit model by CyanidePie! We think this should be the default vanilla rabbit mob, it's so adorable. Its' little pink nose and big beady eyes gives the appearance of a stuffed animal!

Cuter Rabbit Minecraft Skin
Speaking of Cute and Cuddly, check out this Patchwork Sheep by 69ratsinatrenchcoat! We wonder if you get colorful pastel wool from these species of sheep if you shear them. That would be neat.

Be sure to visit this submission to see the name of this sheep. Any guesses?! (hint: it rhymes with wrinkles).

Cute Patchwork Sheep Minecraft Skin

This HD version of shis Skeleton mob by Melootimae is terrifyingly terrific! Staying true to what a skeleton really is, we can almost identify every bone in this one, including the vertebrae in the spine!

If you prefer a skeleton that stays more true to the blocky Minecraft textures, SadSquire created the one below, and it might be what you're looking for!

Skeleton Rework Minecraft Skin

Look up at the sky! Depending on if it's day or night, you'll see a variety of different Mobs in Minecraft!

Parrots pepper the sky during the day, and we saw so many of them in this event! Some members chose to stay true to the Parrot mob, adding just a little bit extra color and detail to make it look more like their real life counterpart.

Other members chose to use the parrot mob model and make different species of birds. We saw bald eagles, turkey vultures, hawks, sparrows, cuckatoos and more! Here are some of our favorites from the event!

better parrot (reimagined) Minecraft Skin
better parrot by JamAxo
Hornbill (Mobs Reimagined Entry) Minecraft Skin
Hornbill by Arky

Blue Jay Minecraft Skin
Blue Jay by Tune

Eurasian Tree sparrow Minecraft Skin
Eurasian Tree Sparrow by Bog-Goblin

Pohnpei Lorikeet Minecraft Skin
Pohnpei Lorikeet by MinecraftMinun

The sea is FULL of gorgeous animals ranging from large squids to small fish. Several aquatic mobs were added to Minecraft in the aquatic update, making the ocean more beautiful and bright than ever! Members turned to the aquatic mobs to create some beautiful species of fish, squids, turtles and more.

One of our most favorite mob skins in this event was Aspirin60's HD turtle. It features lovely tones of yellows and we especially love the detailing of the upper lip on its' mouth.

We did a little research to see if yellow turtles actually exist in real life, and guess what?! They DO! They're called "Albino yellow bellied sliders" and they're super adorable. We encourage you to look them up!

We also enjoyed Serrafinna2018's realistic sea turtle skin, which uses more earthy tones.

You can find cod, salmon, tropical fish and pufferfish in the waters of Vanilla Minecraft. In this event, however, you'll find even more species!

Thanks to the creativity of our Members, you can now choose to have pirhana, angelfish, various species of cods, trouts, and more in your Minecraft world!

Here's an aquarium full of our favorite fishies!

Evil Green Piranha - Mobs of Minecraft Reimagined Community Event Minecraft Skin
Evil Green Piranha by BloodyComedyy
Freshwater angelfish Minecraft Skin
Freshwater Angelfish by

Yellow Striped Tropical Fish Minecraft Skin
Yellow Striped Tropical Fish by Lemilas

Blue Cod Minecraft Skin
Blue Cod by Skipperdogman

Trout Minecraft Skin
Trout by Bog-Goblin

The Guardian is an aquatic hostile mob in Minecraft that attacks you by shooting a laser beam at you!

You wouldn't believe that this version of a guardian by Kaos_Kitten was a hostile one, with the pastel colors and rather cute appearance, but never judge a book by its cover!

Freshwater Guardian || Mobs of Minecraft Reimagined Minecraft Skin

Freshwater Guardian by Kaos_Kitten

Did you know there are species of squid that grow up to 45 FEET (13ish metres)?! Thankfully they live in the deepest parts of water and are rarely seen.

Squids also come in various colors and shapes. From iridescent blues and greens, to red, and can even be zebra striped of spotted! Squids in Minecraft are blue and rather plain, so it's no surprise that some members felt the need to re skin the eight-tentacle creature.

We particularly liked this Humboldt Squid created by AmethystDawn. The submission states:

"unlike its real-world counterpart, this animal is entirely harmless."

So, fear not! And download this mob texture for a more realistic squid in the waters of your world!

Skipperdogman created this gorgeous species of dolphin, The Hector's Dolphin. This species of Dolphin is endemic to New Zealand and is currently on the endangered species list with an estimated population of 10,000 left.

This version of the Dolphin mob would look great in the oceans of Minecraft!

We've reached the final section of Mob Event Summary, NETHER Mobs! It's no surprise the most of the re-imagined nether mobs happen to be quite spooky. Some you might even consider gruesome (viewer discretion is advised...). The Nether Update came after this Event, so you'll only see the Nether OG's here.

Ghasts are a hostile jellyfish-like mob that floats around in the nether with their eyes closed, always has a sad look on it's face. Melootimae stayed true these characteristics in their re-imagined ghast skin, giving it a little more detail with an HD version.

On the contrary, ToxinBoy terrifyingly textured their ghast with a mouth full of teeth and something - or someone's - blood dripping out of it. A real hostile mob. A horrifying one, if we may add.

Stylized Ghast (looks best in the nether) Minecraft Skin
Stylized Ghast by Melootimae
Borg Assimilated Ghast Minecraft Skin
Borg Assimilated Ghast by Qacheq_of_Borg

Ghast My Imagination Minecraft Skin
Ghast My Imagination by ToxinBoy

Like Ghasts, Blazes are another hostile Nether mob. Blazes launch fireballs at you and are tough to defeat!

The vanilla Blaze mob is actually yellow, and can be found flying around the Nether surrounded by 12 golden rods.

We think this blaze by DinowCookie is much more suitable as the nether mob, as it is dark in appearance and has torch's instead of rods surrounding it. It may be more difficult to spot in the Nether, but we're up for the challenge.

Similarly to the above Blaze, Kemiu use dark colors for their re-imagined Magma Cube. The Vanilla version is brown in color, but we think this darker version along side the blaze above, would be perfect in the Nether.

Download this wither along with the above blaze and magma cube, and you've totally upgraded your Nether Mobs into something really spooky!

CatLCG also made a dark Wither robot featuring 1 glowing red eye in each head.

In addition to their Stylized Skeleton and Creeper, Melootimae made this Stylized Wither Skeleton for the Nether!

Wither Skeletons don't have much character in Vanilla Minecraft, so we can understand why Melootimae chose this Mob!

We've reached the end of our summary... and what better way to wrap up by featuring Aspirin60's epic Ender Dragon and Bananabat's Cyclops Enderman! Both are highly detailed HD verstions of their Vanilla Counterparts!


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I hope they make another Mobs Reimagined because I would totally inter a few mobs!

BTW love the dragon!
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Ooohhhh I love the Ender Dragon!
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Whoa!! 2xskin featured and i,dumb_A i not see that!!! Thanks PMC!!! A lot!!!
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i love it
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