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Mod: Dark Magic

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Epiccheese14's Avatar Epiccheese14
Level 23 : Expert Taco
When you kill an Enderman/Enderdragon it drops a dust called "Dark Magic" Wuth 4 put in the way to makea crafting table it creates a :Dark Stone" which is used to craft everything *******RARER THAN ENDER PEARL*******

Dark Magic Pickaxe: Little stronger and lasts longer than diamond
Dark Magic Shovel: Stronger than diamond
Dark Magic Staff: Like a bow instead of wood use the Dark Stone And it shoots Dark Matter.
Dark Magic Sword: Has a knock back 1 already installed in it when made, poisions for 2 seconds when contact is made with anything with it
Dark Magic Axe: Just better than diamond

Dark Magic Armor: All armor is just a little stronger than diamond and it creates the enderman teleportaton glow with purple dust following you. EX: When ever you move the purple enderman dust follows where ever yo go.

Dark Magic Bloc: Harder t brake than obsidian /*UNLESS* using Dark Magic Pickaxe. than its like braking an ore with a wood pickaxe (diamond, gold, iron ore etc.)

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04/17/2014 2:53 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Grump
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Can't wait for a download!
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