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Murder in the Woodland Mansion - Part One of Two

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avatar ParkerTheDev
Level 24 : Expert Nerd

I woke up to find myself laying in my bed, with the sun shining in my face. I rolled over, and closed my eyes once more.

The Villagers are up, and working hard...already. With them working away, I found it difficult to resume my slumber. After I few moments, I rolled over and sat up.

I looked over to find my Dog, Ralph, still in a deep sleep. I walked over to Ralph, and stroked his smooth, soft fur. He immediately awoke, and started licking my hand.

“Good Morning, Ralph,” I said with a smirk on my face. Ralph wagged his tail in admiration. I walked over to my Storage Chest, and found some meat for breakfast. I put it in the furnace, and watched the fire cook through the meat.

A few minutes later, the house smelt of fresh cooked Steak. Ralph smelt the Steak, and immediately ran over to the furnace.

I pulled the hot Steak out of the furnace, and place it on the top of the furnace. Ralph wagged his tail in excitement, and begged for some food.

I ripped a chunk of the strong meat, and gave it Ralph. Ralph brought it over to his bed, and started eating.

I grabbed the remaining meat, and brought it outside. I sat outside on the stair placed in front of my door. The meat was hot, and delicious.


Just as I was finishing my meal, Robert the Postman rushed to my door. “Mr Crafter! Please wait, it’s very urgent!” Robert yelled. Robert handed me a damaged envelope that felt smooth, and slick. “Thank you, Robert,” I said after examining the damaged envelope.

Robert scurried along, and I headed into my house. I sat on my bed, and examined the envelope further. “Hmf, no return address. Suspicious,” I said aloud. Ralph quickly turned his head, and perked up his ears. “Ralph, don’t worry. I’m okay,” I told Ralph.

I looked on the back of the envelope, and I found a smudged image on the back. I squinted to try to figure out what the image was supposed to be. The image looked to be a Woodland Mansion, but I quickly dismissed my theory. “Woodland Mansions are too rare,” I thought, “no one has found a Woodland Mansion yet,” I finished.

I opened the damaged envelope, to find a nicely written note. Here’s what the note had to say:

Dear Mr Crafter,

If you’ve gotten this, you’re invited to my dinner party! Please come well dressed, and hungry!

See you soon,

- M

“Who’s this Mysterious ‘J’?” I questioned, “I presume this dinner party is tonight, so I should get prepared.”

Before I knew it, it was mid-afternoon. I had already gotten everything together, and I just needed one thing to be ready: an Exploration Map.


As I headed into the village, I quickly found Carlson the Cartographer making a map in his hut. I entered the cramped hut, and Carlson quickly glanced up at me.

“Ah, what brings you here today?” Carlson asked. “An Exploration Map,” I stated. “Woah, one of those? We never get Exploration Map orders!” Carlson exclaimed.

“Yes, indeed. I was invited to a Dinner Party this evening in a Woodland Mansion,” I said looking around the shop.

“Interesting. Give me one minute and I’ll bring your map out,” Carlson said while walking into the back room of the shop.

I walked around the shop, looking at all the valuable relics. While quickly looking through all the maps, I stumbled upon a blue sword. As I inspected it further, the sword had a blue-ish shine which almost looked enchanted.

Carlson returned from the back room, and placed the map on his desk. “Ah, you’re looking at Steve’s sword, he defeated the Enderdragon which brought peace throughout the world,” Carlson said. “Wow, Steve. I look up to Steve, you know,” I told Carlson still focused on the sword. “Well, here’s your map. And please, do not get yourself killed,” Carlson wished me good luck.

“Thanks,” I said.


After many hours of travelling, I finally made it to the Woodland mansion. The cobblestone and the dark oak wood exposing the creepiness of the mansion.

I knocked on the front door, and immediately someone came to the door.

“Welcome to Jeb’s Mansion,” said a hairless, old man. His skin wrinkled and his hands trembling. “Thank you,” I told him. “The Dinner Hall is on the right,” he guided me.

I walked down the grand hallway, and headed into the Dinner Hall.

“Ah welcome, welcome!” shouted someone from across the room. He looked almost Greek, but yet he had a Swedish accent. “Thank you, Mr..?” I asked. “Call me Jeb!” he responded.

“Dinner consists of Beef, Pork, Rabbit and Stew. Desert will be cake,” Jeb informed me. I surveyed the room, to find a large table with utensils and plates already prepared.

“All sounds delicious,” I told Jeb. “Perfect. Notch will be out soon,” Jeb told me while slowly walking into the grand hallway behind him.

I walked through the dinner hall and man, was it ever awesome.

“Ah, Mr. Crafter,” a mysterious voice said behind my back. I turned to find a bald man, (similar to Jeb) with a black beard.

“U-uh, hello?” I stuttered, quite nervously, “how do you know my name?” I finally said with some confidence.

“Oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Notch!” he said with a smile on his face.

He walked ambitiously towards me, and put his hand around me. “Oh, you’re this famous Notch I hear of,” I told him while still surveying the room in awe.

“Pfft, famous? That’s just a supposal, I am not honoured in Minecraftia! Just a well known creator,” Notch concluded.

“So, you built this ‘Woodland Mansion’?” I asked Notch, while finally making eye contact with him. “I did not build this lovely mansion, but some Illagers did,” Notch told me signally towards a painting on the wall.

I walked over to the painting, scanning the image. Two gray Villagers in Black cloaks stood outside the Mansion he was in.

“So, where are these ‘Illagers’?” I asked Notch, slowly stroking the painting.

“I prefer not to speak of what happened to Herald and Chris,” Notch said glaring at his feet in disappointment.

“Please, it will just clarify everything,” I told Notch still looking intensely at the picture.

“I-I kil-” Notch said before I cut him off in disbelief. “You killed them? Please don’t tell me that’s true,” I said tearing up.

Notch slowly glanced up at me, his eyes tearing up as well. “It’s true.”

“YOU MONSTER!” I yelled, not happy. I ran outside the dinner hall and outside.

I started punching a tree to control my anger. “Gah! He’s so great apparently, but he turns out to be a murderer? Why?!” I yelled, with anger and frustration.

I grabbed my belongings and ran as fast as I could to my village. Tears quickly running down my face, I tried to wipe them away, but no luck.

I quickly ran into my house, and slammed my fist against my furnace. I felt the cobblestone send shocks of pain into my hand, and then into my arm.

“I should call the Authorities so they can investigate,” I said, walking outside.

End of Part 1.

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  • Wyvern
  • Level 32
  • Artisan Dragon
  • November 16, 2017, 11:29 am
I hope you're posting part 2 on the same blog
As in, it's expected of me? Or just you specificially hope for Part 2 to be on this blog?
  • Wyvern
  • Level 32
  • Artisan Dragon
  • November 16, 2017, 1:34 pm
As in, it's expected of you. You only get one blog to represent your contest entry.
Ah yes. Sounds good! :)

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