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My Favorite Starter Mods + Ideas for you! OLD BLOG

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Here are some of my favorite mods of all time:
1 - 3 of my favorite beginner installer mods
These are "just for fun" or for more admin use.

#1 McNostalgia

Ever wanted to relive the old updates? Then you should get MCNostalgia , all you have to do is extract the file and open the MCNostalgia.exe file. Choose which update you want in number forum, press enter and close. DO NOT FORCE UPDATE unless you want your newer updates back. To me, this is one of my favorite mods!
(( 2015 update: You DON'T need this mod. In the newest launcher, go into your settings and choose the update you want :) ))

#2 ClaySoldiersMod

Ever wanted to make a army of millions of tiny little men? Clay Soldiers allows you to guide a clay army of millions *of course you have to craft them* and fight them of all sorts of wepons ability's of all sorts like make them stronger and have them be king of there army , ect! this is why I love making armies in minecraft :P

#3 TooManyItemsMod

Are you tired of looking through your creative mode list or you need some awesome admin items to use? Then I know just the thing to help you good sir , you need TooManyItemsMod ! It's simple to Install just using winrar!
  Whenever you want to have some fun, then go get TooManyItems mod!

I hope you guys enjoy this old blog I made.
I just wanted to add my personal favorites to this blog
along with a youtube video for more ideas for you. :)

CreditClaySoldiersMod TooManyItemsMod MCNostalgia Unspeakablegaming youtube

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Update #1 : 04/11/2015 5:03:15 pmApr 11th, 2015

This is REAAAAALLLLLYYY old. I made this when I was around 11 or 12. Maybe younger. I went over this, fixed any errors and increased the font. Hopefully it's OK. :o
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