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New Ivory Vid - Theories

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BiCrafter752 avatar BiCrafter752
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Keep in note, I was writing this as I was watching the video, so sorry if it is a bit all over the place. Im really excited!

So... I was watching Ivorycello's new video on the Hunted SMP, then I got to 4:30... WHAT?! That other version of Ivory, we saw them right at the end of her first video on that channel. Just for a split second, but long enough to get a clear look. Ivory referred to the character as Ebony, kinda the opposite of Ivory. Maybe Ebony is a corrupted version of Ivory? Ebony said multiple times that Ivory is stuck with her, so that could be possible. Now, at 5:10, Ebony said she could "kill both". Huh, what does that mean? Hang on, we are now at 5:30, and Void + Wolf are underneath her, does that mean she can kill both of them? Maybe that is what Ebony meant, as Ivory had just killed them both at 6:00. Smash cut to 8:15, and we just had a big talk between Ivory, Void and Wolf. We have a temporary truce for now, but who knows how long that will last. *reaches 9:15* HOLY JEEPERS THE WAY SKYE SAID "IT'S IVORY" JUST HAS ME DYING, DO NOT MESS WITH HER. Quick boat race, and we are back on land, Ivory in hot pursuit.BTW, I just love Ivory's texture pack for the trees, it is absolutely amazing. Anyway, 10:08, and Ivory is successful in her killing spree.Oh god, I was right about a short truce. 10:31, and Ivory is hunting down Wolf, who has her maxed out helmet. Time for a little surprise. Wolf has been hunted down by Ivory twice, who killed him for others. Now to 11:50, where Wolf just jumped in the nether portal, and I got a REALLY bad feeling about this.We are in a soul biome, with Ivory ready to slaughter. OH CRAP IS WOLF ABOUT TO TOSS THE HELMET IN THE LAVA?! THSI IS NOT GOOD. He... jumped into the lava pool holding the helmet. He is not giving Ivory the helmet back. Well, here we are at the end. Once again, a fantastic video from Ivory, and thanks fro sitting through this! It is kinda jumbled together, but I am really enthusiastic. What was that stuff with Ebony though? The mystery continues...

Update 1:
Finally got around to watching the breakdown on Ivory's Twitch channel, so I have formulated two theories regarding Ebony.
  1. Ebony is a corrupted version of Ivory, that is following her around the SMP. My basis for this is the fact that Ebony's skin is a colour inversion of Ivory's outfit at the time, and there was a glitchy effect to her speech and movements, which we saw in the video.
  2. Ebony could be a physical of Ivory's inner demons or something similar. This is because of these lines from Ebony: "I'll always be with you, Sherlock." "You can't just walk away and disregard my presence. Do you expect me to just go away? Hurry, I know you don't like me, but I'm a permanent and real thing." There is further evidence with this line from Ivory: "You can't control me anymore, Ebony. Good luck with your life."
I think Theory #2 is really likely because of the information we can glean from the lines, though either one is possible. I can't wait to see where Ivory goes with this!

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by BiCrafter752 09/20/2022 8:43:09 pmSep 20th, 2022

Came back slightly more sane with clearer theories.

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