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No nether fortress locating tool? (RANT)

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Ok, so firstly, I'd like to start us off with saying this is my second rant, and would like to thank all of you for the massive amount of support I got in my first rant (not really). I mean, would it hurt that much to read my blog? I mean, I worked hard on this! And for all of you guys who did bother to check out my first rant, thanks! You guys are awesome! Also, I will post a link to my first rant in the bottom of the blog. Now, lets begin with my rant!

So, there are lots of great tools out there for improving one's game, like mob handbooks, hacks, even mod installers, which are all awesome. But there's one thing that we seem to be lacking: a good structure locator! I mean, there's one I installed to try out to find a nether fortress, but it just doesn't work! So, one that could locate all structures; npc villages, strongholds, nether fortresses, etc. would make me very happy. And the GUI allowed you to find all structures in the map, including a coordinates for each one, when you enter the seed.

If you are good at making gadgets, please answer my plea, I'm sure im not alone with wanting this! It is vastly useful, and I would be forever greatful. So, if you have one, post a link and I'll sub to your profile. Remember, it's hard finding some of these things, some of us are just too lazy to do the work. In addition, you will poossibly gain some publicity.

To end all of this, I will give a link to my first rant, as promised, along with my collection of skins! If you enjoyed all this, Please leave a fav, comment, sub, or diamond, so this gets noticed! Thanks, cajunjon :)


Rant one: http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/seriously-people/

Skin collection: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/alien-skins-collection/
CreditAll those who actually looked at my work >.

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