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Overworld chapter 2

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If you haven't read chapter 1 click the link

Chapter 2: New World

149 years later, December 27, 1969. A group of rebels were at the North Frostlands to check an old secret base that was now covered with snow.
The base lost contact to the rebels after the first cold war that happened on the South Frostlands
Where the Netherians got defeated
The leader of the rebels named Sachrall Nemesus, the son of Rheuch Nemesus the founder of Netherians that died during the first cold war the one that discovered again the portal to nether and opened it.
At this time the portal is not still discovered because it cant be detected by radar.

The rebels old base was destroyed by a large round unidentified flying object that crashed to the base.
The rebels climb to the object and tried to open it but any tool they used breaks.
Eventually they’ve open it by breaking the bottom part which is less durable and already damaged from the crash.
They used glow sticks to see what’s inside. They found some containers filled with blue fluid.
the fluid looks and smells like petrol and it was flammable.
They tooked the containers and drive back to their new base.
On their way the snow truck ran out of fuel so the first container of petrol was opened and used for the truck.
Ay they drive back the truck was emitting blue smoke that rises up to the sky.
The Nethrians didn’t care for it and continued to drive back to base.
They were getting ready for an attack on the City of Hindes near the Frostlands.
Armed with high powered weapons they terrorized the city.
It didn’t took long when the army arrived to stop them.
A battle lasted for weeks that destroyed many structures in the city.
Food establishments were raided by the rebels, houses was destroyed from the bombing and Notch churches were greatly damaged.
Some rebels escaped through swimming in the river and some hided themselves while Sachrall Nemesus got headshot in battle.

Soldiers found suspicious containers on the river and all are empty.
The containers leaked while it was on the river and the blue fluid mixed in the water found its way to the open ocean and spread to all rivers around the world.
The remaining rebels were hunted until they all got killed and their bodies are buried on mass graves.
Peace is now considered on the city because the last rebel was dead, no more threat will happen.
Later that noon when the soldiers were leaving the skies turn glowing blue and it started to rain that is also color blue and it stop after an hour.
The people got interested to the new phenomenon but it didn’t happen again until the countries around the world reported the same phenomenon that lasted also for an hour.

Back at Von the town that was attacked by the monsters of hell and supposed to be an unnamed town a century ago is now a very progressive city and also the home of breakthrough pharmaceutical the second leading drug maker in the world and now focusing on making a cure for cancer.

PO3 Elisa from VPD precinct 12 was living a normal life with her husband Tim until Jan 28 6 pm power shortages happened, she stand up from bed to drink water and she tried to wake up Tim but Tim is in deep sleep.
Tim forgot to buy batteries when he last shopped at so Elisa ignited a candle before going downstairs.
Von has clean water system so she’s confident to drink water from the faucet.
After that she climb back stairs and hugged her wolf designed pillow as she go to sleep.
The next day Tim embraced something behind him. While his eyes were closed he yelled to call Alisa to get the dog out of the bed, because he’s hugging it.
Elisa removed his hands from her waist and stand up from bed. She told Tim that she’s not a dog.
Tim opened his eyes and got spooked, he fall off the bed with some pillows and a blanket with him. He got himself up and screamed for help saying: “ help there’s a werewolf on my house “.
Elisa tried to calm down Tim but he kept on screaming. When she looked at her arms she got shocked and she screamed too.
Tim stopped screaming when he heard the creature’s voice.

Tim: “ Elisa “.

Elisa looked at him, and Tim looked at her eyes, he recognized it.

Tim:” is that you Elisa? “

Elisa said yes and Tim looked at her from head to toe.

Tim asked:” what happened to you” .
Elisa: “ I don’t know”.

Tim brought Elisa down stairs to the bathroom and he tooked the razor from the cabinet.
He shaved the hair on Elisa’s left arm.
Tim finished shaving the left arm and he proceeded on the right.
After he shaved the right he looked at the left arm of Elisa and saw that it was covered with fur again so started to shave it again, he looked at the right and it was filled with fur too, he place the razor back at the cabinet.

Tim:” this is nonsense, of course werewolf hair grows back… tell me where did you get bit? “.

Elisa: “ I didn’t get bit, I don’t know how this happen “.

Tim drive Elisa to the hospital and as Tim drive, Elisa asked him if he will still love him and Tim told him not to ask that questions because whatever happens his answer will still be yes.
They arrived at the hospital Tim told Elisa to stay at the vehicle until he comes back, when Tim opened the door he gawked at what he see then a nurse approached him and asked if he is also bringing one of those things that the nurse pointed.
When Tim said yes the nurse pushed him out and said: “we are full, go to other hospitals.
Tim walked back the car and drived back home.

Elisa: “ why didn’t you brought me in the hospital? “.

Tim: “do you feel any symptoms of coughing bleeding or anything “.
Elisa: “ no “.

Tim: “ do you feel like you want eat fresh flesh or killing someone and ripping its gut out “.
Elisa:” no!, why are you asking that?”.

Tim: “ then your normal “.
Elisa: “ normal?, what did you saw on the hospital? “.

Tim: “ human rat, human sheep, human cat, human panda, human bird humanoid and many more, that means your not the only one “.

They stayed in their house and watched the news, all the channels had the same news, the news tell that everyone must keep calm as the researchers still checks if this kind of mutation is dangerous but for now no signs show that the humanimals are dangerous.

Tim: “humanimals, that’s the worst name I’ve heard“.

The news also told that the humanimals cant infect through biting or any form of attacks that can cause wounds.
Two months later and the last news about the was about the people that was infected, it seems that they mutate depending on what they last imagined. After that news about the humanimals the people stopped judging the mutants and the people felt normal living with them.
Elisa came back to her job and unlike any other humanimals she has two mutations the first is what she looks like and the abilities it poses and the ability to create and control fire that she discovered after a fire happened at Creeper street, why creeper street? Its because this street is where the first creeper was found inside the townies house.
Elisa managed to stop the fire from spreading and she killed the fire by lowering her hands, she saved ten people from the building.
Sadly no one saw her to honor her because she was inside the police car when she used her abilities.
She started to be known after the people that she saved that we’re kidnapped which happens to be journalist created an article about her.
People started to know her as a hero and many idolized her including Stoke a girl that also got mutated and turned to a half human half fox
But she don’t have powers. Stoke began following Elisa to places she go every time she saw her.
Stoke somehow disturbs Elisa from her duty and sometimes lead her to danger so Elisa finds a way for Stoke not to see her but Stoke have strong senses, she can detect Elisa yards away.
Elisa puts Stoke at a safe place when she is fighting because Stoke tries to get closer to her and also not to get attention from the enemies.
Most of Elisa’s enemies are robbers and snatchers but rarely are rebels but not from the Netherians.
Stoke always brings a camera with her and she captures the events happening around her especially when Elisa is fighting.
At the end of the day if Stoke is already tired she will eventually go home and Elisa can finally catch her breath.
Stoke lives at five blocks from creeper street where her friends welcomes her and they seat on the grass while Stoke previews the photos she captured.
Her friends does not call her Stoke but instead they add an “y” for Stokey to make it more cute.
Stoke or Stokey have three friends Mark, Roxana, and David.
They also have an mortal enemy named rock boy. Rock boy is a street kid and when he’s at their street then sure there is trouble.
People call him rock boy because he likes to throw rocks at people’s houses and rock is his best weapon because he is an accurate rock thrower.
Another power shortage happened in the city and the mayor has nothing to do with it until one company from another city proposed a project.
To support the power consumption in the city an company named Beta entered an agreement to make a beacon power plant in the city to maximize the power distributed, prevent shortages, and to conserve nature.
The mayor asked why will the project be five times more expensive than creating a normal power plant.
The project proposer then told the mayor that 75 percent of the expenses will come from the company itself.
Due to the very impressive explanation of the project proposer the mayor agreed and the construction of the power plant started.
After the plant was finished, the power plant added an tall tower that was questioned by the government but after activating, it amazed the world because it created a force field around the world that protected the world from any monsters that will spawn in the world.
The force field disrupts the particles of the portal causing it to flicker and confuse the monsters from going out.
Beta also provided extra protection in the city from any monsters that can still pass the portal.
They are equipped by a special gun that brought back any monsters that is hit by the beam.
After the very impressive success of Beta corp.
People started to notice a lot of people entering the plant but does not come out and fliers from other citizens and it shows pictures of people that were missing so the precinct 12 conducted an secret investigation at the Beta corp and Elisa is there.
The police searched the area for any evidences but nothing was found, only an normal power plant.
Elisa does not know that Stokey is around and just hiding.
After the investigation, the police left but Stokey stayed inside and wandered the plant.
She found the control room there are a lot of buttons, switches and levers inside
The employees left their workplace for break time and Stoke has a chance to see the purpose of the room, she sit on the chair and placed her camera on the control module then she pressed some buttons and clicked 3 switches.
The warning lights and alarms activated around the plant and the lights in the city flickered.
Stokey ran outside and hide under the table and employees ran inside the control room to fix the problem
A guy wearing a lab coat pass the table where Stokey is hiding and a employee showed him the camera that they found on the module.

Employee:” what are we going to do with that Sir Dwayne? “.
Dwayne: “ destroy it “.

Stoke whispered: “my camera!”.

Dwayne looked around and Stoke covered her mouth with both hands.
Dwayne maximized the volume of his hearing aid on his left ear and told the employees to be quiet for a while, Dwayne listened.
Dwayne told the employees to go back to work and he looked around.
Stoke kept quite and didn’t move, Dwayne is standing in front of her then he walked away and decreased the volume of his hearing aid.
Stokey saw a janitor placed his hand on the wall and opened an secret elevator door, she got interested and sneaked near the janitor and followed him inside, the janitor pressed a button on the elevator with the number 50.
The janitor hold onto a handle on the wall.
The elevator suddenly moved down real fast and Stoke flew to the ceiling, she was screaming but the janitor didn’t notice Stokey because he is old and he is wearing earphones with music on full volume.
The elevator stopped and Stokey fall down and hit her nose.
The janitor walked out and started to mop and Stokey stand up holding her nose.
Stokey was small so she can't be easily noticed by the employees wearing lab coats.
She sneaked into a room where she saw a conversation of two scientists about the project mutation of the BETA corp.
She heard all about the Type A and the test project named Type Z a new specie that they we're trying to do, The new specie that has a ability to transform to a monster and change back to normal that can be used as military weapon.
Stokey saw a guy chained on a iron bed inside a room surrounded by scientist.
Stoke looked in the glass pane to see what will they do.
An scientist go inside the room and injected the guy something and the guy gone wild, his skin turned darker and his teeth and his nails grew sharper.
The scientist around clapped at the scientist inside, few moments later the guy got loosed from getting chained and attacked the scientist and bit of the flesh from his neck.
The Bet guards rushed inside the room and with zappers they electrified the guy and chained it back to the bed.
They dragged the dead scientist out of the room.
One scientist looked at his right and he saw Stokey on the right glass pane peeking so he ran to her and called the other screamed to call the other scientist.
Stokey saw him so she hide beside the table.
One of the scientist found her so she ran to the fire exit next to her but the scientist closed it quick and grab her on the hood of her jacket .
Dr. Dwayne was there and greeted Stokey.
Dr. Dwayne told the scientist to bring her to the mutation room . Stokey asked "what’s the mutation room".
Dr. Dwayne answered "don't worry you will know".
Stokey was trying to fight but the scientist covered her mouth with a cloth with a chemical that lead her to sleep .
She then waked up strapped on an restraint chair in a small room. The only light is coming is from a operating light.
Scientist were around them behind the glass panes.
She tried to loose the straps but the straps we're very durable.
Someone entered the room wearing a face mask and carries an iron briefcase, he placed it on the table next to Stokey, He opened it and took a hypodermic syringe with some blue fluid in it.
He closed the case and look badly at Stokey. He hold tight her arm and injected the fluid to her.
He removed his face mask showing his identity.
Dr. Dwayne smiled on her saying” good luck”.
Stokey then started to change and like the previous guy the fluid had the same effect on her.
She started to get wild too and she ripped the straps of the restraint chair.
She scratched Dr. Dwayne's eye and escaped through the vent. Dr. Dwayne eye bleeds, he cant see anything, he called the servants and commanded them to set the place on lock down and through his radio he told the guards to be alert, Scientists entered to help him out. The vents we're sealed but Stokey already escaped.

It was already late night when she went back home.
She just got back to normal and she go to sleep like nothing happened.
Her parents opened the door the check if she is there and they saw her sleeping.
The next day she met her friends at their backyard. Her friends was curious on where Stokey went last day but she didn't said anything. They notice that there we're changes on Stokey's mood and she doesn’t have her camera with her, she is not as happy as she should be.
They were about to ask her if she had a problem when two kids loitering at the corner approach them and forced them to hand their money and one of the two kids was rock boy.
They gave all their money except for Stokey that was sitting on the corner.
The two kids walked near Stokey and forced her friends to leave but one David denied, He told them to not to interrupt Stokey but they only pushed him away.
He blocked their way but one punched him down. Stokey got angry and the pupil of her eyes turned blue.
David stand up and tried to block the kids way again then one of them took a knife on its pocket and pointed it to David's neck and rock boy picked a rock.
Stokey turned and she attacked the two kids and bit off a flesh from one of the kid's arm then the two ran away. Stokey also ran away when she saw David looking at her.
David's friends came back with backup armed with sticks but Stokey and the two kids were gone.
Weeks passed and Stokey was never been seen again in their place.
Her parents worried a lot so spread flyers around the city, they also checked all reports of kids that were missing that is still not found although the missing kids started to disappear after entering a restaurant that is now being investigated, Stokey’s parents still want to make sure.
Her friends also helped in finding her, days pass and she was not found.

When Elisa was fighting some criminals she noticed that the girl that was always interrupting her was not present that day and for the past weeks so she investigated and found a flyer with the girl's image in it.
She went to the address written on the paper and confirmed that the girl was missing .
She talked to her parents and to her friends but nobody knows anything that can cause her disappearance. Elisa entered Stokey's room and saw nothing but pictures of Stokey and her.
Precinct 12 created an special force to investigate the continuous loss of people in the city and more suspicious things that Beta does.
A group of 3 men and 2 women. Alex, Wilson, Sandra, Robin and Lourd were all trained soldiers and are great of sneaking to enemy grounds.
The team waited for holiday so that there are no employees at that day and only Artificial intelligence runs the power plant.
Holiday comes and the team drive to the plant, their vehicle stopped at a distance and they got in from the back entrance.
They leaned on the wall when they heard footsteps, it’s the janitor, he pass by and they followed his tail and lead them to the elevator.
Wilson pointed his gun to the janitor and removed his earphones.
Wilson told him to operate the elevator and the janitor pressed the button with the number 45.
He told them to hold on and the elevator rushed down.
When they reached the floor.
The three men rivaled for the janitors bucket to vomit and the two female watched them as the three acted like kids.
The three gave back the bucket filled with vomits to the janitor.
The janitor walked away and the team followed him.

Wilson: “what kind of elevator is that”.
Janitor: “the worst”.

Alex: “where are we?”
Janitor: “ Beta labs floor 45”.
Wilson: “ we knew Beta has secrets”

Wilson stop and opened a door behind him, he saw a human inside a glass tank filled with blue water.
The team got surrounded by Beta guards, the four get into the room and they pulled out their guns.
A Beta guard fired a shot and missed Wilson. The bullet hit a pipe that hissed and let of gasses.
Wilson aimed his gun to the guard, the guard told him not to fire, Wilson pulled the trigger, the gun sparked and the gas in the room exploded.
Wilson and his team woke up inside the van with arm and feet tied, two guards were looking at them, the van stopped and the team was pushed out of the van and it drive away.
Someone is in the area sweeping and he saw the tied up people so he dropped his broom stick and help them.
Wilson asked the guy untying his if where they are, your at Red stone park said the street sweeper.

The team walked back to the precinct and the chief was happy to see them. The chief said that they cant contact them for days.
Wilson tell the chief what happened to them but the only thing they remembered is when they are tied up in the van.
There are no other information that they remembered.
The team were checked up but there’s nothing different from them or any signs of sickness.
Beta continued its operations and the disappearance of people stopped.

Two years after that incident Elisa her husband had a child and she named her Greystokey, next to Stokey and also from the request of Stokey’s friends. Greystokey or Grey for short is also an humanimal, a half human half wolf.
Stokey’s parents were depressed and moved to a new home from a different city to forget what happened, some of their relatives stayed to wait if Stokey will return.
Stokey’s friends continued to find her and they created an website about her with her information in case someone find her, Stokey’s friends did found a new friend and it’s rock boy.
After what happened to him, he got traumatized and started to be a good kid, at the first they don’t trust him but as time passes they started to be accustomed with him.

22 years later Elisa passed away due to an car accident that crushed her police car and Tim promised Elisa to take care of Grey.
Grey wanted to be like Elisa, Tim denied until Tim discovered that Grey has fire powers too after he found her playing with fire and burned her bed.
Tim can’t prevent Grey from being a police so he just supported her.
In Von there are no age requirements for being an police as long as you know how to use a gun and you are not stupid enough to kill yourself in an operation.
Grey became a police and her friend Bing B. joined the police too.
Tim told Grey about a case that Elisa didn’t accomplished and Tim said that the missing person on the case was named after her so that nobody will forget the girl.
Grey promised Tim that she will solve the case.
First day of job and traffic already making her late, Grey left the Taxi and the paid the driver.

Grey created a fire surf board or what she call flame board and surfed her way to the precinct, when she arrived, the chief is waiting for her, the chief is mad.
Chief Ronald received a lot of complaints from the citizens that there was and flying fire that burned some trees on it’s way and almost toasted a guy singing on the streets.
Chief Ronald: “do it again and I will fire you”.
Grey: “but, it’s my first day of job”.
Chief Ronald: “miss Stokey, I will remind you that I am the Chief of police here and I have the right to kick out anyone that I don’t like…
So are you just going to stand in there or your going to work?”.
Grey: “yes sir!”.
First day of work is not so much to Grey, someone gave her a file, her first case to investigate.
The case is all about the mysterious suspect that enters houses and steal stuffs from them, most of the house was forcefully opened, broken doors shattered windows, looks raided by only one person.
She started her investigation with Bing B. at the first house that was raided at Scute street, the house owner didn’t know anything because when it happened he was at work and only his cat is there which appears to be missing now.
The next place they’ve gone appears to be an ware house, only the guard is there when the place was entered, he has some small wounds, Grey approach him but when she is close the guard got scared and ranned back inside the warehouse, the guard was told them to leave him alone or he will shoot.
Bing: “he’s crazy, we should leave before he shoots us”.
The two split up to make the investigation faster, at the end of the day they both meet at the precinct to talk what did they discovered. Bing B. Found some black fur on the couch of the house he investigated and Grey found a sharp nail on the last house she went, she found it on the scratches on the wall.
Chief Ronald saw them and told them to go home because only night shifts are allowed at this time.
Grey gone home while Bing B. Continued his work because he is assigned for nightshift.

When Grey entered her house all her furniture were broken, her walls has scratches, she climb up her room, her closet was open and some of her clothes were missing from her closet . Her phone rang she picked up the call it’s her partner Bing B. confirming if she was the one being chased on the streets right now.

Grey said no so Bing B. told her to turn on the television and there she saw The suspect being chased by a series of police vehicles and a helicopter.
Grey asked Bing B. for the location and Bing B. said that it was spotted on pixel street.
Grey quickly ride her flame board and gone to the location and followed the suspect to an construction site.

Bing B. is in the area, he said that he suspect climb up the 24 story building that was still on construction.
The two went up the building and with some backup.
They've split up to search faster, Grey went on her own.

Bing B. and some police men went on the 13th floor where they had an encounter with the enemy. The suspect take cover when the police opened fire, Bing B. commanded them to stop, the suspect began to ran to the dark and the police opened fire again which again stopped by Bing B. . He told the others to stay in his back while he tries to approach the Suspect hiding in the dark.

But the suspect rushed to BB, kicked his leg and Bing's bone cracked, then the suspect escaped.
it gone to a higher floor where Grey was.

Meanwhile! David and his childhood friends had a reunion in a 10 story hotel next to the construction site. They were at the dining room having a drink and dinner, they were all happy and talking about their career and the status of their life now. David was so happy to meet his friends when his happiness broke when David looked at the chair next to him, no one was sitting in it .
He left his seat and brought the wine glass with him. He went on the roof top and he was looking at the night sky while he drinks his wine.

Back in the chase, Grey was wandering around the 23th floor, she was about to go to a lower floor when she heard a noise of falling iron roofing
She created a light from her fire ball to see what made the noise. she saw the suspect wearing her clothes, it was slight dirty and the suspect looks scary.
She throw the fireball at it, but it Shunned it and ran away. Grey chased it but she stopped when it jumped off the building.

David was standing and looking at the skies when someone just landed behind him, Because of surprise he dropped the wine glass. it looked at him, he have recognized her facial recognition. She leaved after a helicopter flied behind David and flashed its light at her.

The entire building was set on lockdown, all the guest were leaded to the exit, David was trying to find the person he saw on the building, he saw her going to the fire exit.

He followed it to the alley, but she sensed that someone was following her, she strangled David and leaned him on the brick wall.
David looked at the stranger’s face
David: “Stokey”
Stokey’s eyes turned to normal brown color then she let David go when The police chief Ronald saw them and open fire at them Stokey eyes turned blue again and she jumped up the brick wall and escaped while David take cover at the dust bin as the police kept on shooting on Stokey.

After the chase Ronald went home, he saw his partner Efren Burdado sleeping in his couch with a bottle of Beer beside him, he was snoring so Ronald just go to the kitchen to get a bottle of beer and he looked for a bottle opener, its hanged near the window at the sink .

Ronald grabbed the bottle opener and drank his beer.
Someone just jump in the window and break the glass. Stone fall down and his bottle of beer shattered.
The stranger got into the house . Stone grabbed his gun and fired a shot at the suspect but it didn't hurt it. the stranger has fangs and sharp claws
The stranger tooked the gun from Ronald and crushed it, Ronald crawl around the table and the stranger grabbed his leg.
Ronald kicked the stranger but it kept on holding on his leg Ronald hold on to the table until his pants got rip
He crawled around the table and ran upstairs .
Burdado got waked from the noise he tried to know what is happening but his vision is quite nauseated, he saw someone near him, he approached it and said that it was trespassing his house but it grabbed him and throw him on the window, out of his house.
He landed on a pile of trash

Stone was hiding on his bedroom, he locked the door and blocked it with a chair, bookshelf and his bed he looked down the window to see how high is the fall. someone banged his door, he is scared to jump, the stranger breaked the door and got in, due to fear of getting killed he jumped of the window --second floor of the house --and his back landed on his hard granite path.

The stranger peaked at the window and look at Stone, he’s not moving anymore so it leaved. Stone slowly opened his eye, the monster is gone.
He stand up holding his painful back and gone to his garage and took his car and drived to Precinct 12 where he asked help to the other police, he was welcomed by the new chief of police.

He was looking at Stone's pants and he raised his eyebrow " Rip Jeans trend "
Stone wants to head bat the new chief, he is only stopping himself.

Chief: “okay Mr. Stone it’s time for you to have an assignment”.

Ronald: “why I’ve been replaced”.

Chief: “ because you don’t have a good performance”.

The chief led Ronald to his new office, the chief tried to find a folder so Ronald helped him.

Grey has just gone from the hospital, she visited BB and checking his condition, she was in the precinct, she saw Stone and the chief of police trying to find something on the drawers.

Chief:" Where’s the file? " .

Grey grabbed the file in her table and hand over the file to her new chief, the chief gave the file to Stone, Stone reviewed the file for the entire night, When he was done he'd gone to the chief and the chief decided to partner Grey to Stone, at first, Stone denied but he had no choice so he just accepted it .

A report was received by the chief , he then told it to Grey and Stone, they argued on what will they take , Greys flame board that might burn Stone's shoes or Stone's mobile, but in the end Stone won the argument because he said his car is faster than Grey's flame board.

10 minutes later they were already stuck in traffic, Grey leaved the vehicle and ride her flame board leaving Stone behind, she reached the location and waited for Stone, Stone arrived after 30 minutes, the suspect was already arrested,

Stone was coyly of himself, so he drived back to the precinct, it was already late night but he was still in traffic in the bridge, he honked the vehicle in front because it took his lane and hit his front.

He get out of his mobile to confront the driver, he knocked the slider, the driver opened the slider and blow smoke from his cigarette to Stones face then he closed the slider.

Stone knocked the slider again and something jumped at the car's bumper it got badly dented, the creature was recognized by Stone as the suspect that attacked him in his house, he called backup including Grey .
He chased down the suspect under the bridge, he cornered it, the suspect was about to grapple Stone but Stone grabbed his flashlight, he turned it on and he pointed the light in his head, the light pointing his smooth head created a dazzling beam. He shined it to the suspect that made it blind for a while, enough for Stone to handcuff the suspect which he recognized as a girl.

The backup has arrived with Grey, they saw Stone holding the suspect, the suspect was brought to jail in a separate cell so that she can't harm the other inmates.
Stone opened the file and named the suspect as Stokey as like what is in her records.

David had heard the news that Stokey was already caught, He visited her in jail trying to make her recognize him but it only keeps on trying to attack him, David didn't gave up, he visits Stokey every week, talking to her even though the guards tell him that the suspect has no chance of remembering him.

Grey visited BB on the hospital checking his condition , Two more days and he can be charged out of the hospital .

Meanwhile Dr. Dwayne lost his other eye, he was just watching the confidential videos, he requested to spy Stokey, his first successful Type Z experiment.
Chapter 3 click here

CreditBy Vincent Bebis

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