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Overworld chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Name your town

An expeditioner and a group of miners rent horses from the horsemen’s on town. They've left the Grasslands and went to the Sandylands to find any traces of oil later they've started to dig down the sand. It was noon when they stopped digging because they've hit something underneath, it was a thick stone and cannot be destroyed or pushed trough by thier shovels. One grabbed the TNTs and set it around the stone. One connected the line of Redstone to the tnts and set a detonator a few meters away. The TNTs were detonated when there were no more pleople underneath, one click and an explosion destroyed the stone, smoke spread to the area.
The miners checked the blast site and an underground structure that is made out of moss stones caught their sight. The miners tied ropes and gone down one by one to see what's inside, they light torches and explored the structure, they've met 10 different hall ways so they've splitted up. The expeditioner go to the first left hallway with two miners behind him. As they go further they encountered small spiky creatures that tried to bit their feet, the miners used thier pickaxes to kill the creatures That evaporated afterwards.
They kept on going through, then, one miner stepped on a pressure plate on the ground. It activated a trap and shot an arrow, the expeditioner leaned on the wall to Avoid the arrow and the arrow passed him and hit the miner's head, he falled down, the expeditioner checked his pulse but he's dead. His hat was not enough to save him.
They've continued to explore the place and left the miner's dead body. Not so long when the expeditioner stepped on a string in front of him, the tripwires were activated and the walls behind the expeditioner closed and crushed the miner that was exactly at the unlucky position.
The floor underneath the expeditioner opened and he fall into a hole that led him to a wide cave that has chunks of obsidians. In the middle of it was a strange looking obsidian that shaped liked a window.
He came close to examine it when he accidentally graze the fire of his torch to the frame of the obsidian and it sparked and lited a fire so big that the half of his hat was burned.
He dropped his torch an quickly stepped back and put his hat off and throwed it on the ground.

All of a sudden, he got bedazzled and saw almost nothing but the purple bright light beside him, slowly the light weakened and he saw a pane of glowing light in the enclosure of the strange stone.
He picked up his torch and with no fear he get close to the portal and tried to ignite his torch through the portal.
The torch was lit, the expeditioner was starstrucked and grabbed a piece of cigarette and tried to ignite it too but the light was too hot that it made the cigarette blaze and burned his two fingers.
He squalled and sitted for a while, blowing his fingers.
He tightly hold his fingers and slowly tried to pull off the gloves that sticked to his fingers but it end up in a partial rip of the skin of his two fingers.
The expeditioner stand up and tried to leave the cave, he found a way up but it's steep.
There are no other way so he proceeded.
He wrapped his finger with a towel and climb up, few minutes passed and he is halfway to the top. He can already see the sunlight when something got his left foot, he tried to pull his feet up but the thing pulled him down.
His hand slipped, he falled to the creature and they both roll back down the cave.
He stand up and looked at the creature and noticed that it was a man with green flesh and with a stench.
He get even closer to the unconsious man and opened its eyelid, he saw a blank grey eye. He checked the body.
He climbed back up when he saw nothing at the pockets but grains of black powder.
After reaching the top, He noticed that there were changes in the Atmosphere.
It's moist and cold with some fog but it's just noon and there is no signs of bad weather.
He looked behind and saw a beam of purple light on the hole the miners excavated, the beam of light rises up to the sky, it flashed and dissapered as well as the strange climate and the sun was seen again.
He waited for the other miners to come back up, but no one came so he left with the horses
After a long ride, he reached the Grasslands
He returned the horse to the horse owners and paid the horses with pieces of obsidians that he found from the cave and some gunpowders.

One horse owner asked if he is sick, the expeditioner said " no ".
then he asked " where are the miners? ".
The expeditioner answered " their dead! " Then he left. The horse owner looked at him as he walks away.
When he is on his way home, the people around him noticed his pale skin and sunken eyes, they also noticed his unbalanced movement, He even hit a woman that falled and landed to a basket of tomatoes, He apologized and helped the woman up, she slapped him in the face. He walked away.
The night after the expeditioner arrived. Most of the townies were already in their houses while some are in the Drunken mooshrooms, the only bar in the town.
There were dozens of people inside and some of them are the town guards and patrols.
The riches townie was also there, a 40 year old bearded man that waste his money in beetroot beer.
Two men was talking about the old guy while buying beer, the old guy noticed it and dropped his beer glass and left the bar.
Ben the bar tender approached the two men and told them that the old guy doesn't want to be talked at.
The old guy walked the streets alone, he looked at a distance , his eyes blinked multiple times trying to see the blur dark thing getting close to him and the sounds as it get closer are small stomping feet's.
He constantly looked at the thing as it quickly gets closer to him.

The two beer dinkers were still at the bar and talking about the old guy, they were talking if what will they do in their life if they were the rich guy and not like a guard of the town.
One answered, he will spent his money in building 5 floor house while the other will build a big farm and hire a lot of cowgirls. Ben gave them their orders.
They both laugh and grabbed their beer glass and cheers, they drank their beer.
A scream was heard, the two got choked by the beer and coughs.
They taked their rifles in the table and accidentally hit the beer and spilled it on the floor. They ranned then slipped and hit their faces. The townies helped them up and they and the townies find where the scream come from but they didn’t saw anything.

The next day the two patrols found a lot of small and an inch deep patterns in the ground smaller than a footstep, they've followed the patterns and stopped when the patterns was leading to a forest near the town, the two patrols called more people.
With a group of ten men they've entered the forest and as the get farther, strips of cloths and some jewelries that belongs to the rich guy are on the soil.
Not so far away and the rich guy is found hanged in a tree through a sticky white silky thing in his back, the body was dried and bony but with no blood stains.
The patrol can't cut the silky thing because his knife also sticks at the silk so they removed the clothing it was attached in and carried the body back to the town.
The body was examined on the morgue. The examiner saw a lot of pellet size punctures and two coin size holes in the chest. There were no organs left even the brain and the body has no more blood. The examiner said that the body might be dried out.

One patrol said: "we're not in Sandylands , who will do that such thing in this place?"
The examiner answered: " who knows, after all we're not the only town in here and you don't know how many crazy people lurk in this place".
The patrol said: "Just keep examining the body Mr. examiner and if you found more strange things just tell us.
The examiner answered: "no problem and just call me Rex not Mr. Examiner, got it".

Patrol: "okay Mr. Rex".
Rex: "just Rex".
Patrol: "okey... Rex".

The news quickly spread that created fear to all the townies. The town mayor deployed more patrol men around the town and more town guards to make the townies feel safe. Investigation continues and there was no lead to who is the suspect.

Another night has come and the patrols are roving all around the town. There are three town guards an a chicken leashed at the town's arch they have been guarding there since the news spreaded. Nothing was suspicious until, later that midnight. The guards noticed that the chicken was acting wierd, it's trying to cut the leash by bitting it by it's beak and it keeps on running around.
One of the guards took the chicken and holded it in his arms while the others load their guns.
Everyone was alert, a single sound of the bush makes the guards point their weapons to the source of sound.
The guard that was holding the chicken notice that the chicken was looking at him so he covered the head of the chicken with his hands but the chicken is struggling to escape so he let go his hand.
The guard then noticed that the chicken was not looking at him but above him so he looked up the town arch and he hold his breath and looked down with eyes widely open, he grabbed his rifle and aimed it up the arch and hold the trigger with his thumb, he tooked deep breathes and slowly he clicked the trigger.

Meanwhile, two patrols were back in the bar making themselves drunk when gunfire was heard and the two got choked by the beer and cough.
They taked their guns and again,
they accidentally hit their beer glasses that spilled on the floor, more gunfires was heard and they ran, slipped and hit their backs on the floor, this time no one helped them because the curious townies we're already running out of the bar to know where did the gunfires come from.

They've get their selves up and went to the source of the gunfires. Before they reached the arch, they passed by a group of armed men surrounding a big black dead creature being pulled by the other guards. they stopped to investigate.

The creature was brought to the morgue, Rex didn't know how will he examine the creature so he just opened the softest part and after that he called the others outside to tell what he discovered.

Rex said: "this is an arachnid, an overgrown arachnid".
town guard asked: "what kind of arachnid?".
Rex answered: " this is a spider and I think this is the thing that killed the riches guy in town based on the alignment of it's fangs, two big fangs in the front and 2 in the left and 2 on the right side, next to the largest fangs".
Rex: " there are 4 set of legs, 8 red glowing eyes and thick fur that is as sharp as a needle...... good thing it's dead ".
Town guard asked: "is this prehistoric?"
Rex replied: " no!, I'm not sure, This is not yet discovered, and I hope that this is the last of them ".
Town guard: " are you saying that there are more of this things ".
Rex: “ they may be, hundreds, thousands, awaiting to sip our guts “.

The mayor went to the morgue to see the creature that the town guards was telling to her, she came to know if the guards were telling the truth. She then saw other guards and the examiner inside, then, she saw the spider. She takes of her hat and looked at the creature to it's eyes.

Mayor: " this is not a damn joke, right? "
Rex: " yes madam, it's not "

The mayor asked the town guards, " where did you found this thing ?".
A town guard answered: " crawling on top of the town's arch. Drake shooted the creature but he only hitted the leg because he was not looking when he fired up his weapon so we continue to shoot it until it dies ".

Mayor: " and where's Drake?, Why is he not with you? ".
Town guard: " he's taking a bath after the creature falled on him and splattered a thick slimy goo on him ".
Mayor: " tell all the guards to be more alert and I'm now allowing you all to equip your rifles with bayonets, got it ".
Town guard: " yes mayor ".
Mayor: " for now, tell the townies to always keep a weapon in their hands ".

Another night has come, all the townies had weapons beside them as they sleep, some has axes and some has knives and some gathered sticks and sharpened them to make Spears.
More town guards and patrols were deployed and the mayor's house was surrounded with a lot of guards, from inside and outside.
There were five new guards in the town's arch
All armed with rifles and bayonets.
They were at a calm state when one guard got pulled up by a spider and more spiders camed and everything got obstreperous.
They've aimed thier riffles but the spiders slinged their webs and taked the rifles from them, then the spiders attacked the armless guards and wrapped them in spider web then sucked everything inside them.
The next day, A lot of townies recovered five large silky and heavy thing that is as large and tall like a human in the front of the town's arch, the large silk wraps were brought to the morgue and when Rex opened it, a dried corpse was revealed and the townies were shocked the other townies went away
to wash their hands.
The mayor camed to the morgue and noticed a lot of townies and when she got in and saw the corpse, she ranned out and vomited and after a while she came in again.

She asked Rex: " how many bodies? "

Rex answered: " there were five of them but only three were brought here because the two were sticked on the town arch and still being pulled out ".

The mayor telled the patrols and guards:" no more people in the arch when midnight comes, even guards and patrols are not allowed there ".
The townies were forced to go back home and more guards were deployed in the night, no sighting of the spiders and when day camed, there were no dead bodies at any places in the town, but, one townie reported that he saw a green creature wandering outside his house and it looks harmless but he didn't go out to be safe, he also said that it has no arms but only four legs and it looks sad.
The town guards went to the town's house

Townie: " I'm not sure if it's still around here ".

The townie and guards looked around

Town guard: " maybe it fled when it heard us ".

The town guards told the guy to be aware when it's near and call them if he saw it.
The town guards were walking away Ang the townie gone back to his house, he opened the door and screamed: “ its here “, he quickly closed his door.
The town guards rushed back to asked what happened, the townie was holding the door: " it's inside! ".
Town guard told him to back off.
He loaded his rifle and pulled out the bayonet. He opened the door then kicked it open. He aimed his rifle but aimed it down when he saw the creature. He got confused to how it look like.

Town guard 1: " what is this thing? ".
Town guard 2: " does it attacks? ".
Town guard 1: " no!, I'm not sure, it's just looking at me ".

The town guard get closer to the creature that keeps on looking at him from his head to his toes. He poked the creatures head but it keeps on looking at him. He waved his hand to know if the creature can see him and yes it follows the movement of his hand.

Town guard 1: " it's harmless ".

The creature bloated and exploded the townie's house and the guard inside. While the others outside stooped and dodged the debris from the house. After the explosion they all get up, nothing was left in the house but a small crater due to the explosion strength, the burning debris around the guard's dead and toasted body.

Townie: " my house!, It blowed up my house ".
Town guard 2: " we can see it you bastard ".
Town guard 3: " this is sad for his family ".

They brought the body and some leftover flesh from the creature to the morgue.

Rex: this flesh has a lot of traces of gunpowder, are you sure this is a monster because if you'll ask me, this is just a dummy filled with gunpowder that exploded.

Town guard 2: " we're sure that is an monster "

Rex: " well if it is, then what will you name it "

Town guard 2: " what if you name it the bastard who blowed up our friend ".

Town guard 3: " no that's an ugly name, what about the house detonator ".

Townie: " that's a bad name.....[breathes] the only thing I can see to that creature is that it is so creepy ".

Rex: " creepy? ".

Townie " yes creepy because it keeps on wandering around my house and im not knowing that it carries an explosive surprise, now where will I live? ".

Rex nodded: " alright, I think I know what's the name of this thing ".

Town guards: " what? ".
Rex: " let's name this thing as creeper, what do you say ".
Town guard 2: " yeah that's a good name ".

Townie: " the creepy creeper ".

Rex: " okay, our work is done, if you found another one of this things, kill it before it blows up so that I can examine it ".

The townie was given a new home made out of stone and the guard's went back to their duty. The mayor suggested to put trap pits around the town to catch the monsters, a lot of townie's were paid to dig holes and covered it with sticks and foliages.
They waited for a day and left the traps unguarded. The next day one trap captured a creeper, the guards shoot it in the head to kill it before it explodes.
They've carried the monster to the morgue and Rex noticed the wound of the creeper is pouring a lot of gunpowders and not blood so he rip it open. It was full of gunpowder, he pourd it out and it filled two large barrels, He told the guards to put the barrels away
The skin of the creeper was thick, he cutted apice of the skin and ignited it with his flint and steel, it quickly burned.
He called the guards.

Rex: " this is a monster but the most undisgusting monster I ever saw because the entire body from inside and out side was dry, although there are intestines but it's just filled with gunpowder and the bones are not as thick as ours but it is very durable ".

Town Guard 4: " how do it explodes ".

Rex: " it's flesh can change temperature inside from the cold to hot and the heat is enough to detonate its self but, it's flesh is quite thick so it will bloate before exploding that will give a stronger explosion, the good news is, we have a source of gunpowders now ".

Town Guard 5: " why did it not explode when we shot it ".

Rex: " when the creeper is in a calm state the temperature inside is to cold that cools down the bullet upon impact thus preventing the bullet to ignite the gun powder inside ".

Town Guard 5: " how did you know? "

Rex: " it's still alive, when you shot it the thick layer of skin prevented the death of the monster instead the bullet only immobilized it for a while, when I opened the creeper, it was very cold inside and when I already removed the gunpowder, it waked up and the temperature inside turned scorching hot, it tried to blow me up ".

Town Guard 4: " why is it not moving now? ".

Rex: " like us it still need to breath but when I opened the body there were no more pressure from the lungs for it inhale air so...it died ".

Town Guard 5: " how many more creatures are to be discovered ".
Rex: " I don't know ".

One town guard entered the morgue, he was panting.

Town guard 4:" Roger we have a problem! ".

The town guards walked and left the morgue, Rex followed them to the entrance of the building then stopped when he saw a big green transparent creature outside.
The patrols and guards are struggling to kill the creature.

Town guard 4: " what the hell is that thing? ".

They've fired guns at the creature but it absobed the bullets, it jumped at a patrol and absorbed the body, the creature started to grow. The patrols stepped back and fired more bullets.

Patrol: " it's doesn't seemed to get damage from our bullets ".
Guard 3: " use your bayonets ".

They stabbed their bayonets at the monster but it consumed their weapons, they've let go of it before they get absorbed too.
Rex saw the barrels of gunpowder behind him, he pushed down one barrel and rolled it to the monster, he ranned away "shoot the barrel " he yelled.
Roger shot the barrel, it blowed up the monster and splattered the slime around the area.

Town Guard 3: " is it dead? “.

Roger lifted it's feet after seeing the slime on his feet is moving. The splattered slime then morphed itself back to shape and created another slime but their much smaller that the first one.

Rex " that ain't work ".

The other town guards left the area, then Rex told a patrol to torch the monster, he commanded the patrol to get a gas can and a flint and steel. Rex distracted the monsters by running around it and calling it’s attention, the monsters chased him, the townie’s around the area locked themselves inside their houses, peeking at their windows they watches Rex being chased by two slimes.
The patrol arrived bringing the gas can and flint and steel, Roger grabbed the gas can and gone near the monsters, he was about to spill the gas when he got tripped and landed on the ground, he dropped the gas can.

The slimes cornered Rex and Roger can’t stand up from the fall. Someone picked up the gas can and throwed it on the slimes, the slime absorbed the gas can and it grewed a bit and the next overlap itself to next slime and formed a bigger slime.
The stranger grabbed the lighter in his pocket, he light it and throw the lighter inti slime. The gas absorbed by the slime flamed, it melted the slime and evaporated.

Rex: “ thank you “.

The stranger helped Roger up, Roger noticed that the guy was sick.

Roger: “ who are you, you look sick “.

Stranger: “ I’m Alexander and I’m an expeditioner, I think I know the origin of this “.

Roger: “ what? “.

While they walk back to the morgue Alexander told everything that happened and it started, he told how did they discovered the structure, the strange stone and the creatures but he doesn’t know how to stop it.

Rex: “ a strange stone… is it made out of obsidian? “.
Alexander: “ yes “.
Rex: “ so the legend is true “
Roger: “ legend? “
Rex: “ yes legend,Let’s talk about it back in the morgue “.

Roger: “ I don’t belive in legends, their just all man written “.

Rex: “ so how can you explain the things that attacks our town? “.

Roger bacame silent and they’ve continue to walk back to the morgue.
When they’ve arrived Rex turned off the lights and left a desk lamp on.

Rex: “ sit down “.

Roger: “ what do you think of us, kids, you can’t scare with your lighting “.

Rex: “ shut up, I need the dim light so that it will not affect the lecternomicon “.

Alexander: “ lecter what? “.

Rex: “ lecternomicon is the entire book of all entities and the copy of some sriptings of Notch the god that created the world and the entities that lives in it. He created multiple creatures and set them on Earth but he made a mistake of creating some creatures that started to invade and kill the other settlers on Earth so Notch created a different dimension, a different Earth and pulled all unwanted creatures to that dimension but he didn’t want to close the dimension because he still wants to see his creations so he created 1 entrance to the dimension that is located here on Earth “.

Rex took the book from the top shelf near his skull collection, he blowed the dust away and slowly placed it on the table in front of Alexander and Roger.
He opened the book and flipped some pages, he pointed his fingers a drawing on the book.

Rex: “ here, this looks like the slime we encountered and look the spider and creeper is sketched here too “.

Roger: “ how old is this book? “.

Rex: “ the real book is a billion years old, this is only a copy and this is 167 years old this come from my grandfather “.

Rex flipped more pages and saw a picture of a portal, he showed the picture to Alexander, he said that this is exactly what the strange stone looks like. Rex read the writtings and checked the other pages, he found a pace of all the details about the portal.

Rex: “ acording to the lecronomicon, the portal can be open through igniting the stone and can only be closed if the stones shape is changed or the stone is destroyed or the purple pane is destroyed by an explosione…well that’s it blow the portals purple pane to destroy it is the most basic“.

Rex closed the book.

Alexander: “ I accidentally grazed the fire of my torch to the frame of the portal, that may be the reason how the portal turned on “.

Roger: “ blow it up, I’m tired of this nightmare, I just want to drunk myself with my brother Steve “.

Rex put the book back at the top shelf he then opened another shelf on the bottom containing some sharp weapons and guns, he gave 2 strange looking revolvers to Roger. Rex told Roger to give the other revolver to steve and he told them to be ready At all times those revolvers are blessed and the bullets are crafted from the iron ores of Notch mountain.

Two hours later…
Roger gaved Steve the revolver and Steve checked the bullets inside, it was fully loaded, he putted it in his holster .
Alexander entered and showed Roger the map of Sandylands and he pointed the exact location where they discovered the structure.
Rex closed his morgue and took the book again and put in a table, Rex flipped more pages, He saw more drawings of other monsters and their weaknesses written at the bottom but one drawing has no details and now weaknesses written it’s just a drawing of a dragon blowing fire at a running knight.
He looked at the last pages of the book and there are some missing pages . The last page is still intact, he read it: “ first day the crawlers attacked and our team was overturned by the creatures. Half of our team was wiped out, without our guns we may be helpless. Second day we encountered a new creature that explodes on near contact, we manage to slow them down through spilling tree extracted glue at the flooring and we killed a lot of them.
Day three and another creature was encountered, it consumed my friends so we’ve bumped it to the sea and it sanked, they can’t swim.
We though that was the last because there were no more in the next consecutive days, but we’re wrong.
Day 7 we are all complacent and was continuing our normal life when midnight arrived and a swarm of creatures attacked our town, some came walking and crawling on the ground, the other came from below, some descends from the sky and some just popped out of nowhere, we were greatly outnumbered.
We have no choice but to fight but the forces of the monsters are so strong that we couldn’t handle so we back up and left the town, I wished we’ve never opened the portal.
We left the town and scattered on other towns.
We came back to the portal to close it but the portal was already closed, maybe because it reached its goal which is to destroy our town and our life.
I’ve made a copy of the lecternomicon that we recovered at the buried moss temple,weved covered the entrance with a large stone and let it to be buried in sand through time, I hope no one will discover that cursed place.

Rex looked at the back page but the page writing was stained with ink. He notice that everything did happened before and now it’s happening again like going to a loop.
Have gone to the mayors house to ask the past of the town. She said, the town was abandoned and was discovered by few people so they’ve settled in it until the peoples population increased and more settlers came the town grew and here we are now.
Rex Called Roger and Alexander to tell them that this event happened before and in the same place. Steve was there to see if Rex is doing his job and it seems that his doing more than that. Rex told the three to get themselves some horses to ride because their leaving tomorrow.

Steve: “ where are we going “.
Rex asked Alexander if he knows the way and he said yes, “ we have to hurry “ said Rex “ because we don’t know when will the monsters unleash it’s strongest attacks…. Bring your weapons “.
The next day, they all got their horses and Rex brought a horse pulling a big wagon and he placed the gun powder barrel in it, he also brought the lecronomicon and some food, water, guns and knifes.
They’ve left at noon time, Alexander was looking at his locator map he was coughing, it’s pointing west so they’ve go to the direction.
The town mayor left her house to see Rex but he’s not at his morgue so she asked the other guards and patrols they’ve said that Rex and three men was heading West, no other information was said.

It was sunset when Rex’s team reached the mining site.
Alexander lead them to the excavation, there were still ropes tied at the top so they have a way down. They’ve lit their torches, Alexander lead them the way while Steve was left on top to guard the area.

Back in the town, on the cemetery, one patrol was there burying the dead creeper that Rex told him to when the soil around him started to move and the dead bodies roses up.
The patrol dashed and dogged the dead, jumping from the rising dead he manage to save himself and got out of the cemetery, he alerted the townies, they’ve ready their weapons, he was running to the mayors house and the mayor was outside, “ what’s the matter Drake “ the mayor asked he was to tell the mayor what was happening when something descend from the sky and the mayor saw it, she pulled the patrol and brought him inside, they closed the door and the creature crashed at it and only penetrated it head, the mayor grabbed her iron axe from her fireplace and chopped the head of the monster.
The town bell was played loud and the townies evacuated to the town hall, the guards and patrols are defending the townies that entered the town hall. Some townies were pulled up by the flying creatures and some are eaten by the spiders.
Everyone was inside and the doors were closed and blocked by shelves, zombies were banging the doors and windows. Surrounded by different kinds of monsters the townies were finding their mayor and the other townies but it’s too dangerous to go outside.
The mayor and the patrol heard the screaming of the townies outside, the mayor opened the door, she called the attention of the townies, they’ve rushed in.
The spiders were following the townies so the mayor ran outside to protect them. With her axe she chopped the spider in half more attacked he and she kept on killing them.
The patrol called the mayor to go inside when all the townies were in but she refused so the patrol closed the door and watched her kill the creatures at the window.

Townie: “ she’s tough “.

Drake: “ sometimes our mayor is crazy, let’s just let her…it looks like she’s having fun ”.

Townie: “ ooooohhh! head shot…she’s good at using axe“

Rex and his team found the portal after avoiding some traps and encountering small spiders.
Rex brought the gunpowder and placed it near the portal, he set the redstone repeaters at a far distance with tick speed at 4, he was about to click the button when Alexander stopped him, he looked at Alexander and stared at his blank grey eyes, he tried to bit him, Roger hit him on the head and pushed him away. Roger punched him down but he stand up and tried to bit him so he pushed it away, Rex pulled out his gun and shoots Alexander in the body five times but it didn’t fall down he clicked the trigger but there are no more bullets left. Rex told him to push Alexander to the portal. Rex clicked the button and the slow signal was activated.
Roger pushed Alexander at the portal, the portal pulled Alexander in but Alexander hold tight to Rogers belt, Roger tried to remove the belt but it was too late, he got pulled into the portal.
Rex already ranned outside to get cover and the portal was deactivated by the explosion. Rex hold the rope tightly as the moss structure sanked in the sand.
The monsters attacking the city fled away.
Steve helped Rex up, they looked at the sand as it swallows the moss structure.
Steve: “ where’s Roger and Alexander “.
Rex looked down and said: “ Alexander turned into a zombie and he pulled Roger in the portal before it explodes “.

Steve sat on the sand, he takes off his hat and strike at the ground, he hold his head and then covered his face.
Rex looked at Steve: “ Roger saved us and our town, come on let’s go back “.
Rex and Steve ride their horses back to town. When they’ve get there they found the mayor chasing a spider, she overtook it and chopped it again and again.
The mayor saw the two men riding their horses, she waved at them.
The two hoped out their horses.

Rex: “ good evening mayor “

Mayor: “ and to you too”.

Rex: “ where are the townies? “.

Mayor: “ hiding “.

Steve: “ why are you outside, it’s till dangerous! “.

Mayor: “ I never felt this kind of happiness at this age “.

The two looked at the mayor and she is covered with a lot of green blood, goo and dirt.
It was sunrise when the townies got out of the town hall and the mayors house. The two were near the towns arch looking on it, the arch fall down in front of them and the arch shattered in pieces, Rex takes a piece of the arch he looked it from front and back, the arch has no name.
The two debated for a name and end up as naming the town “ Von ”.
Chapter 2 available just click the link

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Update #1 : 04/25/2019 4:59:49 amApr 25th

Added link to chapter 2

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