Random Command Choices Redstone System

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avatar GerganaGZ
Level 43 : Master Musician
Hey Guys!
In this blog I want to show you how to make random choice command redstone system! For what is this redstone system? You know - for example you're making minigame and you want for your arena (if I say a pvp arena minigame) the floor changes to a random choices you want, this is the answer! For this I use ArmorStands and this redstone system is very simple! If you don't want to read too much, just from the picture you can understand all the things.
OK, Let's start!

Step 1:
Get a command block (by typing /give @p command_block) and place two command blocks, which distance of them must be 3 blocks. In this space of 3 blocks against every command block, place redstone repeater on 4 ticks (just place them and right click on them 3 times). Between the command blocks and the redstone repeaters, must have 1 free block. Just place there a random block, look at it and press f3, after this type in the chat /setblock [coords of the free block] air and copy the command, after this paste it in the command block in the left side. In the right command type '/summon ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:Random}' - you can choose a name what you want. It must look like this:


Step 2:
Place a block with button, and under the block place command block, and from the left command block copy the command and paste it in the command block under the block with the button (ohh too long is this thing xD). But in the command delete the part with 'air' and type there 'redstone_block'

Step 3:
In another place, next to the bunch of the command blocks, place several blocks on 2 blocks hight from the ground. Then on the blocks through one block place an armor stand. Then go near to the armor stands and type '/entitydata @e[type=ArmorStand,r=5] {CustomName:Random2,NoGravity:1}' and after you type it in the chat, break the blocks under the Armor Stands. It must looks like this (without the blocks...): You can make it longer and longer....for your needs :D

Step 4:
Under every armor stand, place a pressure plate. Next to the... Oh, just see the picture below how do you made it, I'm tired to type things there a lot xD



Step 5:
Go back on step 1. There next to the right command block, place a redstone repeater with 4 ticks and then place next to it another command block. In the command block type '/tp @e[type=ArmorStand,name=Random @rtype=ArmorStand,name=Random2]' and then you are ready!


The Result:
This is it, when you click the button, it summon armor stand, teleports it to the other armor stands, and then itself chooses the command and to what armor stand to tp


I hope I helped you! If you didn't understand all the steps and other things, you can download the map with it, when you click here. It's very simple and you can just download the map, when you click there, where I typed 'click here' :D , and recreate the system.

If I helped you, if you want give a diamond and fav it ;) If you want to see more from my blogs and project, subscribe for me ;)
You can use the system without permission for your world.

06/22/2015 7:35 am
Level 45 : Master Lad
:D Cool :D Im bulgarian too :D
06/22/2015 10:00 am
Level 43 : Master Musician
Щом казваш... И мерси :D
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