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Hypixel's Build Battle - Tips and Advices, you need to know, for win!

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Hey guys! This is another blog by me! (I don't make often blogs, but ok.. :D)
I just played on Hypixel a lot of times the Minigame Build Battle and I just decided to make a blog on it how to win (or just tips for well buildings). For newbies on this game. Yeh.
Warning: all the buildings in the pictures are from my Build Battle Practise world :D And sorry if I stole the idea

inadvertently, I can delete this blog, if already has blog with this idea.

So first - What is Build Battle?
Build Battle is a fun building minigame in the server "Hypixel", that you need to build something by the theme of the round, for 5 minutes and later when the time is out, you vote for what building is the best from all, and then you can win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place if your building is cool enough to win. But you can't vote for your building. Also there are several votes - Super Poop, Poop, OK, Good, Epic and Legendary, which Super Poop is the worst, and Legendary is the best for you. You can vote whatever you want, by Right-Clicking the "Vote blocks" (I say them like this :D).
- Is that Build Battle Minigame in other Severs? - Maybe yes, I don't know actually, but I prefer to play in Hypixel, because the original minigame came from there first and it has no bugs and it runs perfectly, with the skills of the staff on Hypixel, or the person, who made the game (maybe is Hypixel idk xD).

Now, let's start with the tips and advices, after you know what is Build Battle (if you don't know from now :D)

1. Use your imagination and creativity
There is a lot of people, who love to build in Minecraft and have a lot of creative building ideas. If you are one of these people, actually you will win without difficulties. This is very good advice, to use your creativity and imagination, because a lot of people wants from you to build something cool. Just try to build the thing, that is in your head, possibly the best.

Why not this funny squirrel :D (I'm not too good animal builder, but probably this will make fun of the other players :D)

2. Don't build big builds/stuff
This is one of the most things you need to know, when you are playing Build Battle. Don't try to build things, that possibly you can't build for 5 minutes. You will mess up your building and it will not be finished - this will NOT deserve good votes, trust me. It's rare to see people, who vote "Good" on unfinished buildings. You know - it has a lot of haters in the game, that poop everything, so trust me - build something interactive and not too big.

For example this airplane, that I've builded (I always win with this :P)

or this Temple:

3. Use slabs, stairs and other "Not-Blocky" blocks

Actually this is a good advice too. With the stairs and slabs you can make the building more smoothier, just look at the airplane above, that I used quartz slabs and iron blocks to make it better. Also now on 1.9 Update, that the stained glass now when is not connected, is tinier than the fences, so when the official 1.9 release come out, you can use that feature.
But one more thing here - don't worry if it no has for example Stained Hardened Clay Stairs or slabs, just use another, that are with the same color, for example on the brown stained clay you can use dark oak stairs or nether brick stairs. Everything it will be OK :)
Also for that, you can see this knife here:

4. Add more details.
This is one of the most important things, when you are playing the game too. Also if for example the theme of the round is Bow, actually you will thought - "this will be very simple!" but some of the people waits you to build something, that is not only a single bow, you can build a person, who is aiming at something, or a bow in a weapon stand. This will be better, that you expect, and also you will have more positive votes, than building only a single bow. And also this is not only for a bow, for example a knife - see the picture above, or a coffee cup. Just it's probably a good thing, that you can add more details in your builds, even if they are small.
You can see here, what I mean, when I was talking about the bow:

And see this coffee cup, that I simply build for 3-4 minutes with some effects :D :

5. Practise in Single player

This is optional, but if you want to get more wins in this game, better you just practise your building skills. For example you have a lot of time, OK? Just build something and later try to rebuild it without look at it for several minutes.
I hope you like this blog and I hope I helped with it!
If you want to post your thoughts about this and you want to add more advices, just write them in the comments!
I will see ya in my next One Command Creation! (or blog.. or skin... or project... or whatever, I don't what I should post after this XD)


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