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|Rant| PMC Chat is BROKEN

Took way too long to log in - Screen of Death

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avatar 8BitShadows
Level 46 : Master Blob
Yes- you read the title right.
PMC Chat is broken.
And I'll tell you why- using my experiences.

Whenever I load it, it loads within 2 seconds with the message;
"*blah blah blah* it took too long to load *blah blah blah*"
And you can't blame it on my internet- I can get 500MB downloads within 30 seconds.

While I am in the chat, I can just suddenly lose connection with no notice.
There used to be a little circle which would tell you your connection;
Green was good, yellow was alright, and red was disconnected.
I'm not sure if this is still in- but I've taken quite a detailed look, and there is no sign of it.
Most of the time, I'm in a conversation, and then it just disconnects.
DEAD. No sign of disconnecting- it just does.
Then I have to refresh- often getting the "it took too long" quote of death.

Thank you for reading.
If you have had any of these experiences, or have had any other experiences like these,
please share in the comments!


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This has never happend to me, but I can say that my internet is very slow. But at the same time it does 1Gb
downloads in seconds.

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