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Redstone: 101 - Immovable Blocks

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The Resource Pack I am using for these tutorials is Redstoner's Resource Pack, made by me!

This will be a very short tutorial than my previous ones. In this tutorial I will be covering the importance of Immovable Blocks, and what blocks would they be.

Immovable blocks are important in Redstone builds because if you were to build an elevator, and you didn't have an immovable block like Obsidian to stop the Slime and/or Honey blocks from going up even more. (Every Redstoner knows this fear) and you can take a guess what will happen, your elevator will just keep going into space and nothing to stop it (it's pretty funny but scary if you're building something big.)

Redstone: 101 - Immovable Blocks

I took screenshots from the Minecraft Wiki because there is a huge list of blocks and it's too much to list them all. I took screenshots of blocks that I think are important for Redstone builds.

These screenshots are listed for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition

Redstone: 101 - Immovable Blocks
Redstone: 101 - Immovable Blocks

Check out my other Redstone tutorials to learn more!

Let me know if this was helpful or not, I'm open to feedback. :)
If I miss anything or explained something wrong, please let me know and I will update/correct the blog.
CreditMinecraft Wiki for Screenshots

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