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Remember 9/11 - Together we are Strong

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I would first like to say for you to ask yourself the question, "W
here were you on 9/11." It is possible right now that some of you reading this, probably weren't even alive when this happened. Our countries global effort on the war on terror has been slow and painful. Today when commanders ask their soldiers where were they on 9/11. Most of them will probably say I was in school. Men and women probably no more than in 6th grade at the time.

This day we remember what happened on September 11th, 2001. The day our freedom was threatened, the day when thousands of innocent civilians were killed. Someone's father, someone's mother, someone's friend. Everyone that day was a hero... everyone. The true heroes though are not the soldiers, not the fire fighters. The true heroes are the children, the one's who gave them hope when times we're bad. The people they looked forward to holding in there arms. They may have shaken our tallest buildings, they may have taken our loved ones but they will never take our hope. Our hope for freedom and liberty for all. When no one else will want to come, when no one else wants to fight. America always takes the first step to lead and encourage the thrust for everyone to go and help.

We are not the only ones to be attacked by the force of Al-Qaeda and we all rose up to the challenge to stand together. The United States doesn't need to be the worlds police man, nor does it want too. What it does need to do though, what it wants to do, and what it's done. Is to take the first step into chaos when those cry for help to be delivered from the darkness. They do this because they know there will be someone right behind them to go into bad places to save good people.

On this day 2,996 people died from 4 commercial airliners, hijacked by members of Al-Qaeda. The mastermind of this was Osama Bin Laden, from the hatred they have given us for supporting nations such as Israel. Their only way to respond was in an attempt to take our hope. However they might have not looked back in our history. On December 7th, 1941. The United States was attacked by the Imperial Empire of Japan. On that day they woke up the eagles might, against the rising sun. After the most destructive conflict in human history on the deck of a Battleship. We hoped an earnest hope.

"It is my earnest hope, and indeed the hope of all mankind, that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past -- a world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish for freedom, tolerance and justice." General Macarthur

The soldiers fighting for the free world such as the UK, US, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Japan etc. Are not soldiers they are warriors. A soldier by definition is just a mercenary, but a warrior looks behind him and knows what he is fighting for. A nation in my opinion should be judged by the type of people it produces and remembers. People of honest, courage, leadership. People who never look down upon one another for who they are or what they believe in. I know when ever I get hurt or if I'm in trouble. There's no other place I would rather be than in the US, because I know someones gonna risk their life to save mine. Just like all of us should when the time calls, I can tell you I would do that for anyone of you reading this and I can only hope you would do the same. I don't care what nation you live in, what faith you believe in but we are all human. We all have a common bond and it's up to all of us to keep that bond strong.

When your children ask you what happened this day, that all you need to say is that "We stood together". Get your countries flag today and wave it proudly in the sun, and look at it with pride. For remember, there will always be help to those who need it.

For a true leader produces more leaders, not more followers.

The people who died on this tragic day. http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2001/memorial/lists/by-name/


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04/18/2015 5:54 pm
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Beamyy's Avatar
Your words are inspiring. Most people would just write RIP but you chose to write a lot about it and its people like you that do great things in the world. Thank you for writing all this. And we must remember together those that lost their lives in 9/11 and those that have last their lives since in Afghanistan.
04/09/2015 2:05 pm
Level 44 : Master Engineer
User95's Avatar
I Remember mostly the Masses of people dying in afghanistan. Those people that lived in the united states that died here too, It was the People, the men and women that lived in this country that did nothing wrong. It was bad what happened. But what now happens there, in afghanistan which haves nothing to do
with this Terrorist attack is way more worse. And? no one cares about
them. No one cares about the syrians that die  every hour form Bullets
shot by Terrorists from the so called "Free Syrian Army".  No. They dont even dont care about them. They even want to destroy the only opposite of this terror (in syria) which are the Syrian People and their goverment which they love.
09/12/2014 12:43 am
Level 38 : Artisan Lumberjack
mcjared's Avatar
Thank you for writing all this. I know you are getting a bunch of butthurt people that say this is wrong, but it isnt at all. Its the right thing to do. To remember and respect the lives that were lost. Anyone else is more than welcome to make a memorial to a tragedy from there country.  + diamond
09/12/2014 3:16 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Soldier
STEALTHy's Avatar
Thanks mcjared, I could understand how people might be upset over the wars that happened after this event. I just can't reason why they would disrespect the memory of the fallen dead. Thank you again, and take care.
05/26/2014 10:09 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Sailor
Seames39's Avatar
The only things I know about 9/11 came from what I see on Tv or read on the internet. I was only 5 years old when this happend so I can't fully understand what those people felt on that day in 2001. I'm an American and yet I can't feel sadness about this at all, which somehow makes me feel guilty. I also live on the west coast so I can't just go see the memorial...
01/19/2014 12:45 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Architect
NinamanOfficial's Avatar
The comments in this blog...some if them make me want to...man, I don't even know. People keep saying that people die every day etc. yea it's true, but at least have the heart to remember those that did die and the tragedy of the attacks. It's sick. Anyways, I loved this. Very moving RIP to all those that did make through that day.
09/17/2013 10:04 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Mage
NightShadow__'s Avatar
thank you
09/14/2012 6:54 pm
Level 44 : Master Geek
holdensaunt's Avatar
I'm kind of surprised at how many people are posting bad feedback on this. I personally think people are getting too easily offended by this and need to take a second and think before posting too many negative comments. I've seen other people from other nations posting things similar about their tragedies, and I feel that this is just a good a site as any to do so. I personally don't hang out on that many sites, so when I saw this blog, it helped me through that day. That's what the purpose of blogs like these are, they help those who can relate make it through the day.

So stop getting so offended by this, you people, and go be offended by something more worth being offended over. And if your still mad about someone posting a 9/11 blog, vent it on this one. I don't care if you post hate comments on mine, I made it earlier in the day, so it's not this good. Just stop posting mean comments and negativity on the good one (in all actuality, it could have been FAR more offensive, like "Angry American" by Toby Keith offensive, but it's not. STEALTHy very, well Stealthily, tiptoed around so as NOT to offend anyone. Just saying)

These are my thoughts, but I still hope that people will lay off.
09/15/2012 1:05 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Soldier
STEALTHy's Avatar
I absolutely love your comment, not because it's being nice to me. Although that makes me happy too, but because it's actually well thought out and just doesn't state some random hobwallop. To be honest the thing I've got the most on the comments section besides "Thanks STEALTH" or "I was at's...". Is people commenting something like "I feel sorry for the people who died, but people need to move on". Which to me infers you don't really care. If you did someone like that wouldn't be stating that.

To me that's highly offensive for not even putting any coherent thought into the name of those who died and simply saying there soul isn't worth this one, so why don't we make a memorial about my country's tragedies. The reason I wouldn't do such a thing to remember dead in other places. Is because how appropriate would it be for a person whose never had been to your country talk about it for you. No, a citizen of that country should talk about his countries historical moments in life, not me.

Honestly, I never thought this would go as big as it did. I never knew I would emotionally touch so many people. It puts me a whole new level knowing that I can do this. That I'm capable of almost anything, and because of that. I always try and make the right choices.

Thanks holdensaunt. :)
09/14/2012 3:05 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Pancake slayer
Pancake slayer's Avatar
im not american. im not someone who is patrotic as such. i do agree with you in saying that it was a terrible disaster. but when you say like japan took it too far you have made an unrelated link. and japan didnt really take that far when you realise that america dropped to atom bombs on them.
im not japanese and i still find it racist.
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