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Review: An Actual Ship Battle Server

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Level 67 : High Grandmaster Soldier
Just to start off I don't write reviews of anything that often, well actually I never have. But that's beside the point. The point is I am taking the time to write this, even though my laziness level is currently at per say 120% higher than any of you reading this now. Now though so I don't waste time lets get to the good stuff. This server I am recommending everyone at least see. Is almost like missing out on the game if you don't play it, even if you have played this game for the past few years even. Yea I know what your thinking. "Come on STEALTHy it can't be that good, I mean how good could one server really be?". Well my totally non-chalant viewer would be wrong. It really is that good. So good multiple people who aren't even Youtubers, or even have the slightest idea about what the word "Upload" means took the time to make a video about this server. Which really says something about this server all on its own.

The server I am referring to is the Naval Clash server. It is basically a server that allows you to destroy other ships, and planes, and submarines, with torpedoes, or depth charges, or cannons, or Anti-Air guns, or...well yea get the point. It would take me a whole entire new blog just to explain the complexity of the server. It has at least a dozen different weapons systems you can use to sink other ships. Not to mention the mechanics the vehicles all have on their own. Submarines can submerge under water, your 30 block long battleship you can make actually moves. The turrets you make actually rotate, the torpedoes you make actually move in the water and then make a massive explosion after impact. The server is just amazing as you can tell.

On top of all that I only found out about the server 2 days ago, after a good friend recommended it to me. After only 2 days I have had more fun on Minecraft then I have had in a year of playing this game. When I first entered the server I was amazed by a battle going on out in the far distance (20 blocks away, mellow dramatic I know) and then the 2 ships collided with each other and sunk. Yes the ships do actually sink, and if you look underwater you'll see ship wrecks. Until some Mod comes by and cleans it up of course though. So wanting in on the action I went hard at work and built my own ship. After 15 minutes of hard work I deployed my ship on the water. I boosted that baby into high gear and after going 20 blocks I finally sank. Yes I sank. It left a sinking feeling in my heart too I know. It sunk because the server actually has simulated water mechanics. As in if you make a ship that is a Iron Block versus a wooden Bowl. The Iron Block will sink and the wooden bowl will stay afloat. Learned it the hard way I suppose. So after I remade the ship with this known I went out and made one that would actually float. After several minutes of searching for a foe to engage in the dusky mist. (Typing for people to come battle in chat) I finally found my target. Then it turned into 2 targets, then 2 targets and a submarine, then that and an air plane dropping bombs. I managed to sink the little canoe some new guy made before being sunk by a 50 block long destroyer. But not before I rammed his starboard bow, or front right for those of you Navally inclined. Even in defeat I had a blast, or mostly because I sunk a destroyer with my 2nd attempted ship. Either way it was a blast.

Now I wish I could explain all the ship and battle mechanics here but put simply, I don't know them. That and like I said earlier I am at lazy level 120%. Luckily though the server explains them in very great detail through a walk through tutorial or with a personal server trainer. So without further wait the servers IP is at play.navalclash.net using update 1.8.9.

So get out there and have a blast, literally have a blast you'll probably get sunken or sink someone else's ship.

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03/19/2019 10:44 am
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I'm giving my diamonds to a hoe.
12/16/2017 4:44 am
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Thank you for subscribing me
06/24/2017 8:38 pm
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That's a really high laziness level considering mine is 1000% higher than yours. Wait, how does that work?