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The Wanderer - Roleplay Scenario Example

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avatar 54noah
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If you've ever wanted to do a roleplay in minecraft, but never had a great idea for a scenario, here's my story that you can use as an example.

My name is Noah (username: 54noah) and I'm a wanderer. Long ago, I left my wife and three sons in search of a legendary riches. Legends told that the one who found this treasure would be able to feed a family for generations. I was foolish to even believe in them. Shortly after leaving home, my village was ravaged by a band of thieves. When I returned, emptyhanded and tired from my journey, I found my home, burned, and my family, slain. I made a vow to find and destroy whoever had done it

They found me first... they asked me to join their group, for they had seen my strength, which I had been secretly building to destroy them. I joined their band with thoughts of revenge swirling through my head. One night, while everyone was asleep, I snuck past the watchmen and set fire to the tent of the leader, Shade. I continued to burn and kill until I was certain that there were no survivors. Afterward, I fled into the shadows.

So here I am, a wanderer, cursed with the guilt of what I have done, and what was done to me. I must go on living, regardless, and so I do... constantly finding new places to take up a temporary residence. I hope one day I can forget my past and be forgiven.

So, there it is. Feel free to use it anytime! If you want to support any of my other work, I would appreciate a DIAMOND or you could SUBSCRIBE, but neither of these are required. :)
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