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Writing a book in Minecraft is very fun. It can help to bring your character to life, pass time, or just have fun writing a book. To start writing your book, you must first gather and craft the necessary materials. First, collect 3 pieces of paper and 1 piece of leather; craft a book using these. If you want to write in a book, you must then make a book&quill by crafting with an ink sac, feather, and book. Now you have a book to write in! You can write up to 50 pages in your new book. Just right-click while holding it to write!

Your next step is figuring out what to write. There are lots of choices, such as:
  • Journal - Write a journal of what your character has done. Try to make it creative with colorful language. Instead of saying "Today I cut down trees and killed a zombie" say things like "Today I collected wood for my (current building project) and slayed dangerous creatures of the night." Writing a journal brings a character to life by giving them personality
  • Background - Give your character or specific skin a past. What has he/she done in his/her lifetime? Why do they travel the land mining ores, gathering wood, and fighting monsters? I often do this to provide a character history on a roleplay server.
  • Guide/Info Book - Write down information on building or crafting something or important coordinates. These things are helpful in not forgetting important things that are crucial to your gameplay experience!

Copy and paste the formatting code §0 into the text in order to skip a line or hit space to indent. There are many other text color formatting codes, which I will post a link to in "additional credit." You can click "done" after writing some, and then continue to edit it later. When you are absolutely certain that you have finished a book, click the "sign" button. WARNING: Once you have signed a book, you may no longer edit it. Share your books with other people on a multiplayer server, or collect them and have your own library of books. There are endless possibilities to what you can write, so just be creative!

If you liked this tutorial, please leave a diamond! I would also like some constructive comments on how to improve this blog!

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