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TRTrident's Avatar TRTrident
Level 17 : Journeyman Mage
The Avicus Network:
             You may have never heard of this server... or you may have.... you may have heard of McZone, or not....Wallsmc.... or not..... Mczone and wallsmc were previous versions of avicus. Avicus is the finished, and polished product of many years of development... What type of server is this.... avicus... you may be thinking.... Avicus is the type of server that attracts most people... a mini-game server. Unlike most of other mini game servers... avicus has unique gamemodes.  This review will look over Avicus':



          Avicus consists of many unique gamemodes. They inclue: Avicade, Nebula, Nexus, Elimination, and Control the Hill. Some of these gamemodes even have their own, mini-gamemodes. In each gamemode, you earn xp from killing, and gaining an objective. For example, for Nebula, it's mining a monument, for nexus is winning a match. XP can be used to gain extra (stuff) in each gamemode. When you reach level 50, you can /prestige, and earn a smexy star! :D Gameplay is extremely fun, once you know who are the top pvpers, or good pvpers... so you can have a good match :D

          One of my favs! :D basically, Nebula, overall, is DTM, or destroy the monument, the goal is to destroy all of your enemies' monuments while protecting your own, pretty close to Project Ares on Overcast. Usually, there are 100-300 people on this gamemode. Nebula has lots of unique maps... made by the community! Personally, I suggest these maps: Quintus(killfarming ftw!), Rendezvous(woot), Luar(da beast), Senex 2, Justice(OMG FAV), Venomous(ONLY if you are good at pvp and Senex(1st map :D).  In nebula, you earn 7 XP from destroying a monument, and 2 XP for killing a player.  Nebula has a ton of servers,  nebula01-08, and mczone01-3(da classics) and a ton of weird, classy names :P
           Team Deathmatch, similar to nexus, you basically spawn with your team, and attack the other, and try to get the most kills before time runs out. Not exactly my favorite. But it may appeal to you! :D
            One in the Nebula, similar to OitC, one in the chamber, you get several lives, and insta-kill weapons, your goal is to get the most kills, and survive.
   Tips and Tricks:

               /join to join the game, I had trouble figuring this out when I 1st played xD
               /leave to leave
               TRICK: If a match is still starting, spam /join until you're in the same team as whoever you want to be with(like the best pvper) or not to be with(like a team spleefer)
                TRICK:Use the clock, to tell how many players are on each team, /join when the team you want to join has the least people.
                To save yourself from this hastle and gain perks, buy a premium rank at the avicus shop.(avicus.net/shop)
                 TIP:Try to locate the iron armour in a match, ask the players if you don't know(usually there is)

           WUP WUP! I'm addicted to dis game. :P A mix of TDM and KitPvP. This gamemode features a plethora of incredible maps, some for two teams, and others for four! Same as Nebula TDM, you have 10 minutes to get as many kills as you can. You have a "poinstreak shop" with a ton of items that can boost your pvp, for both you and your team. Sadly, its a "streak" shop, so once you die... NO MORE POINTS! :c Nexus features a lot of kits: Warrior, Archer, Medic, Snake, Sniper, Scout(boss), Pyro(premium), engineer(sux), barbarian(awesum), heavy, freezer(premium), and enderman.(I think thats all :P) You gain 5 XP for winning, and 2 for each kill. It also has a prestige system, like Nebula.
      Tips and Tricks:
                 TRICK:same as nebula.
                  TIP:If you aren't that good at pvp, stay in a group. (Avoid small matches)
                  TIP:If you suck at pvp, don't play this just yet, it'll really hurt your KDR, its best to practice first.
                  TIP:If you pwn at pvp, try to get into small matches, and beat your opponents up! :D
Control the Hill:

          Wellz... I haven't played CTH that much :P CTH has 4 teams, intent on capturing the center, or the "hill" It also is KITpvp, same as nexus, where you unlock more kits as you level up.  You gain XP from both capturing points from the center, and killing, I believe each match is 10 minutes long.

      This gamemode doesn't have a default gamemode.... :o just two gamemodes(used to be 3). However, they will be adding more soon... Avicade has its own hubs, with parkour(sux, cuz i can never make it :P) Also, I believe Avicade has its shop also... :/
The Avicade Gamemodes:

       In this game, there is a "minotaur" and "players." The goal of the players is to race through the course as fast as they can, to the finish. The minotaur's goal is to stay alive but kill all the players. If the minotaur kills all the players, the minotaur wins. If one of the players reach the end, the players win. Minotaur features several unique maps, featuring traps, parkour, obstacles, and other crafty things.

Red Alert:

      This is similar to a game of "spleef." Players race accross the maps, trying to stay alive, while sabotaging others. There are 3 levels of land for players to move around on, if they fall from the third, they die in the void. How does it work? Players cannot actively "spleef" players, as they move, the blocks they were on fall(with a cool animation). Their goal is to stay alive, and be wise what room they take up. To sabotage, they can hop right in front of player, making the player fall. :P


     Pretty much the same thing as SG, with some unique tweaks I believe... I think there's kits? :P


      A pretty famous game. There are 4 teams, who compete to be the last standing. There are 10 minutes(I believe) before the walls drop. You have 10 minutes to mine, collect, and smelt items for your pvp gear. You also have kits to choose, which unlock the more XP you get. You get XP for killing and winning.

      TIP: Play maps that you are used too, so you know where the ores are.
      TIP: Be cautious, occasionally there will be team trolls, who try to kill you with lava, or break your crafting table to steal your diamonds or whatnot. If you see someone doing/attempting to, /report.
Server Dependibility:

         Usually: Usually, the server is extremely dependable, with virtually no connection lag. If it seems avicus is offline, often you can use alternate ips to still access, or even direct connect to the mini servers. Currently, avicus has been experiencing some lag, but the reason most likely is that the Owner{and developer} is on vacation. Expect the lag to be fixed quickly. If there are any bugs, you can report them at avicus' github.(link will be below) Avicus has DDOS protection, so no need to worry about that.

Server Staff:

         Currently, Avicus has 3 directors (IvyCode[Owner, DEV], Howsie22[Staff Manager], AviGill[Community Manager], 3 managers (izjust4fun, Detonator, tel) 5 Sr.Mods, 11 moderators,1 developer, and 4 map developers. It may seem small, but it's sufficient enough to manage the server, and staff applications are opening soon. The staff(not counting jrs) are very active and helpful. Avicus staff is better than the average server staff, because the staff acceptance system is special, avicus uses both applications, and interviews, and a testing stage. To be staff... you do not have to be a donator.
Hacker Rates:

        The hacker rates used to be quite high, but it seems quite low now, ever since new moderators came in, so expect great, fair gameplay! :D If you see someone hacking or breaking the rules, DO NOT ACCUSE THEM OF HACKS. This will cause you to be kicked, if you publicly hackusate, the hacker may turn his/her hacks off. Simply do /report. If it's something urgent, like a hacker, you can send it again, if you don't see any staff coming on. (Check with /list)

            Personally, I believe Avicus' Community is one of  the best. We bond together, and have a ton of fun. Regulars are kind, and stand up for one another, such as backing someone up, when a raging noob starts..... well, raging at them......

Additional Information:

           Site: avicus.net
        Staff: avicus.net/staff
        Rules: avicus.net/vote
IP Address: avic.us, play.avicus.net, mczone.co, wallsmc.com
           For direct connect type in the mini server name, then avic.us. Ex(mczone01.avic.us)

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09/17/2014 3:45 am
Level 1 : New Miner
OPTOBAT's Avatar
Terrific server :D
10/04/2014 10:26 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Mage
TRTrident's Avatar
xD yep
09/12/2014 4:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Theunknownhey77's Avatar
Must play on this epic server sooo cooooll
09/14/2014 10:44 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Mage
TRTrident's Avatar
09/12/2014 12:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
KatLikesPie's Avatar
seems like a great server!11
08/11/2014 5:36 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Hunter
Warbry's Avatar
You get 7 exp from breaking a monument, I'm pretty sure
08/11/2014 6:51 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Mage
TRTrident's Avatar
k thx, guess it changed ever since i last broke a mon :P
08/11/2014 1:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Howsie22's Avatar
I'm definitely going to check this server out one time.
08/11/2014 10:49 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Mage
TRTrident's Avatar
lel howseh
08/11/2014 12:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Cobalt838's Avatar
Seems like a nice server :)
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