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SG1 Craft - A new Stargate server

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Rebel24's Avatar Rebel24
Level 53 : Grandmaster Cyborg
So, here I am, starting my second server to run alongside my current set of gaming servers.

SG1 Craft <-- If you recognize SG1 that's a good start.

Stargate SG1 was one the biggest and best sci fi series, for us geeks out there. We are attempting to build a server based upon this, seriously it's one of the biggest projects we are taking on at JR.

Some of our goals:
- Create the SG1 Base (Cheyenne Mountain Complex)
- Create a lot of the planets
- Create an RPG based game

What we are working on right now:
- The Cheyenne Mountain Complex
- The plugin base
- We are coding a new stargate plugin that has a dialling system for each world map

So what we need?
- Some avid Stargate fans that are good at building and can use worldedit / voxel sniper
- Some time
- Some imagination

We know this is possible, and to make this possible all donation will go towards the server, as for 1, if MGM see's anyone making profit off this they will sue us. We won't be making profit from this, so it'll be fine :D

This is for the community, the only thing we will give you for taking part in the project is the fame that you helped create this amazing server. It's always going to be a work in progress as Stargate has sooo many worlds.

You can view the SG1 Craft website we quickly put up at: sg1craft.com/.
Want to help build? Please email jamie@jrnetwork.net with:

- Your in game name
- Some builds you have done
- How familiar with plugins you are
Emailing jamie@jrnetwork.net with this is the only way to get any permissions.

We will not be taking immature users or users that we think will hurt the project. This is going to be a serious server for stargate avid fans (SG1 particularly), we will not have any noobs, or childish users ruin our vision.

The Admin Team:

- Rebel24 (Me, Owner, website designer, server technician)
- Whenzhou87 (admin)
- Fire2uFear (admin)
- MMichael1986 (admin)

If you try to apply for build privileges below we know that you didn't read the post fully and will not be chosen as a part of the team to build.

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12/15/2015 2:34 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Network
CrumpetBobner's Avatar
Hello, I am a hardcore Stargate fan. I am very excited to see someone take Stargate to a Minecraft server. If possible I was wondering where an appropate place for me to write my application would be. I can deisign and build what you want me to build. From The Cheyenne mountain Complex to Destiny. I have some examples of buildings you might find impressive. I have also had experiance working for a server with more than 50 Players (During Summer Break.) - It's Called Whovians Anonymous. I've even made some SG-1 skins. - Check them out when you find the time. 

Please respond when you can. 

Thank you
03/28/2014 8:47 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Ehandley9's Avatar
Hey dude my in game name is ehandley9 and I'm told I'm a good builder I have a good imagination and love stargate In fact I have already built my own Cheyenne mountain with 2 planets, midway station ( from Atlantis) and I'm now beginning on building the Atlantis City with the deadaleus on the side
I don't have allot of experience with plugins but I do know how to set them up  and even if you don't except could you five me the address for the server because it would be brilliant to explore
12/06/2012 10:02 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
mikeyBOTDF49's Avatar
Hi, this is michael allen. I am both an avid fan of minecraft and stargate, well, im in fact a super-fan of stargate, all three series, sg1 atlantis and universe. However, i may not be the best at creating new servers and using plugins like voxelsniper. I do very much hope to see your progress and i will be sure to try this server out if and when it is ready.
12/15/2012 7:15 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Rebel24's Avatar
Thanks, currently the project is on hold. But as soon as we get some stuff at JR sorted it'll be active as we have some avid builders looking to build on this soon to be amazing experience :D
09/12/2012 2:22 pm
Level 1 : New Archer
k4l397's Avatar
Sounds awesome :D I definitely be applying when I get time :D
09/11/2012 8:23 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Taco
zulu765's Avatar
09/11/2012 8:00 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
barbermiss's Avatar
Awesome ....just as great as JR is !
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