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the_chuz's Avatar the_chuz
Level 34 : Artisan Spleefer
Out of all 198,661 Minecraft submissions, there are 135,580 Skins. Most of them suck.

I keep seeing those bad 'teenager' with hoodie skins, or those many Steve With blood/turning into zombie/turning into enderman/with a different shirt/with sunglasses/with my name on it, and the worst thing is when a bad skin maker uploads a dozen duplicates with only their title or a colour variation being the difference. Bad.

I have some possible solutions to reduce these skins.
  • Skins need to be checked if they are worth posting, like on Newgrounds, before they appear publicly
  • Users can mark a skin as effortless (because these skins aren't going against any rules)
  • If a skin is a variation duplicate it can be ruled as a duplicate and removed via flagging.

Obviously there are some people who make skins and try hard but don't get good results, so they can have their stuff unfairly removed. They may be bad at making skins, but they certainly aren't view hoggers and are learning.

So I suggest a section for unmarked skins that acts like the current one, and a section for quality/worth posting skins. This way if someone wants a skin they don't have to sit through pages of bad useless skins. instead they go to the quality section. the other section is for experiments, unchecked skins and bad spam skins.

For every skin to be checked it would be best if there was a third section for checked and bad skins, so that bad skins are put there, the unchecked skins would be left with potentially good ones and the quality checked skins would have skins worth looking at.

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11/28/2011 7:30 pm
Level 90 : Overlord Pixel Painter
halucid's Avatar
Bear in mind, you can help us moderators out by flagging submissions which are in violation of submission guidelines.

We do not accept mixed or recolored skins. This includes skins generated using Miners Need Cool Shoes or Nova Skin. Additionally, you are not permitted to post content created, full or in part, by other artists unless they have permitted you to do so. You may only post original content created entirely on your own.

Most of the poor skins you're referring to are generated on those sites. When we see them, we remove them. But considering we literally get over 1,000 new skins pouring in daily, it's tough to catch them all without the community's assistance.

However, we will never remove poor quality skins if they are made legitimately. That's not the community we want here.

BTW, please do me the favor of removing the vulgarities from your title and content of this blog. Thanks.
11/29/2011 6:26 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Spleefer
the_chuz's Avatar
I'll do that
11/28/2011 1:33 pm
Level 23 : Expert Unicorn
BeccaKiwi's Avatar
This is too true.

I mean, there are people who honestly have a talent for making skins, people like me who make a base skin and then change it up quite a bit, and people who just make crappy skins.
11/28/2011 1:11 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
ilikewaffles9000's Avatar
so true, i am also to abit annoyed at all those crappy skins aswell.

i am learning, ive made one skin which i didnt EXACTLY copy, i used minecraft guys template and changed it so it looks completely different, i used the template because im not so sure where to put eyes, shirt, clothes etc.
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