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Snakes - Mo' Creatures

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Snakes on Mo' creatures are common. They are mainly found in deserts and swamps. They are found in every biome except taiga and ocean. (AND RIVER) If you see a snake in one of them then they are from a biome close to it. Snakes do occasionally swim..

They can bite you. I have never been poisoned, but I believe its possible. Common snakes in deserts are rattlesnakes and spotted snakes. Common snakes in the swamp are dark snakes and green snakes. Those are common snakes-- Not the only snakes found in that biome.

To find what type of snake it is just look at its pattern or KILL IT! Snakes do drop eggs. In technic pack you cant spawn the eggs because they are snake eggs. You can also spawn fish eggs.

Get Mo' Creatures or technic pack to check out the wonderful SNAKES!

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