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Some know-how about Minecraft Pt . 1

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pine_solpower's Avatar pine_solpower
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Hellur there PMC I am giving you some data that i have collected throughout my days of playing Minecraft, and that is help with lag and more.


- Video Settings -

- Texture Packs -


Section 1 : Video Settings:

on the main topic of this section will be "Render Distance" (most of this section will be about reducing lag and what types of things you should do with that render distance).

First we have the

Tiny Render. In my opinion i would say the best and / or only reason you would use tiny would be for staring contest with a pig or you would see how long it takes for you to starve (in minecraft). In other words the chunk update is happens so frequently that doing most tasks will give you lag.

On to short render I would use it for certain tasks like making an average sized project or house, or walking around, or perhaps mining. Due to the fact that the chunk update happens a little less frequently but still will cause lag in most cases when doing certain things.

Next comes to the concept of normal render distance. I would use this for most tasks (or a crap-load of tasks) like roaming around, mining, spelunking, raiding a few bases, and building a large project (but when how tall the project is i would say a hundred blocks or so). Since the chunk update happens on a(n) average rate, you can do most tasks will little or no lag.

Last but not least we have far render distance. For this i would do things like sprinting long distances, using a boat for travel, and flying around in creative (because when you fly you travel at an alarming speed which can create some[but little] lag). Because the chunk update happens very infrequently but when it does it will load a large amount and causes lag for most tasks.

(All of this info i got from my own tests on at least 4 different computers)

(but if you read this and say "i don't have any lag at all" BS unless you have 8GB RAM 1600 and 3.2Ghz cpu and Optifinetm [PC] only then you can whine :P)

If you find a problem with my grammar, cut me some slack, and dont be a grammar nazi. :3

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