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avatar jaidantate
Level 24 : Expert Skinner
As people may know, there are different types of magic in Minecraft like potion making, enchanting or combining enchantments but no'one seemed to have thought of the most direct form of magic, spells. For instance, when you kill a mob it drops Experience points. But in My ideal Minecraft, when you kill a mob, it would still drop exp but it should also drop Mana points (or MP for short) which fills up a bar on the bottom left of your HUD. the amount of MP you get would vary on the magical qualities of the mob. i.e.

Squid = 0 - 1 MP

Zombie = 1 - 2 MP

Skeleton = 2 - 3 MP

Spider/Slime = 3 - 4 MP

pigmen/Silverfish = 4 - 5 MP

Enderman = 5 - 6 MP

Magma cube = 6 - 7 MP

Blaze/Ghast = 7 - 8 MP

Enderdragon/Wither = 8 - 9 MP

To use these Mana points, you need a spell book which can be crafted with a book, a gold ingot, an iron ingot, a diamond and an emerald. It might seem expensive but it would be worth it as the spell book could let you channel your Mana through various spells of different tiers. example bellow:

tier 1 spells (5 MP) keep practicing

FIRE BOLT: a small fireball that sets enemies on fire for 3 seconds and would take 2 hearts.

ICE BOLT: a shard of ice that would slow enemies down for 3 seconds and would take 2 hearts.

POISON DART: a small dart that would poison enemies for 3 seconds and would take 2 hearts.

SPARK: a small electrical current that wouldn't have an elemental effect but it would stun mobs for 3 seconds as well as taking 2 hearts.

tier 2 spells (7 - 10 MP) you'll wan't this when you find yourself in a bad spot

FIREBALL: an average sized ball of fire that would set an enemy on fire for 6 seconds and would take 4 hearts (8 MP)

ICE SHARD: a shard of ice that would pierce through armor (causing armor damage), freeze the enemy for 5 seconds and take 4 hearts (10 MP)

POISON ARROW: an arrow that would poison enemies for 8 seconds and would take 4 hearts (7 MP)

ELECTRO BOLT: a jolt of electricity that would stun enemies for 5 seconds and would take 5 hearts of damage (9 MP)

tier 3 (15 MP) this is the stuff that you'll be using against bosses.

PYROBALL: a big ball of magma that would set enemies on fire for 12 seconds, set enemies around it on fire for 4 seconds and would take 8 hearts.

ICE CHUNK: a chunk of ice that would freeze an enemy for 12 seconds, freeze enemies around it for 4 seconds and would take 8 hearts.

POISON BALL: a ball of poison that would poison an enemy for 12 seconds, poison enemies around it for 4 seconds and would take 8 hearts.

LASER BEAM: a beam of concentrated electricity that would stun an enemy for 12 seconds, stun enemies around it for 4 seconds and would take 8 hearts.

tier 4 (30 MP) and this is the stuff that will mess the crap up

PYROBLAST: can you handle the heat? a massive ball of magma that will burn an enemy and all enemies around it until they die unless they're in water and spread lava around the enemy.

ICE GLACIER: but baby it's cold outside. a huge blast of ice that is so powerful that it'll turn any water around into ice and cover the ground with snow as well as removing any armor that your enemies might have been wearing.

POLLUTION: that's not a raven, it's a city pigeon. a massive force that will remove leaves off of trees and remove grass from the ground as well as poisoning all enemies around the targeted enemy until they are down to one heart.

LASER BLAST: I'ma firin' ma lazar, BLAAAA- a massive beam of pure energy that will instantly kill any enemies within a 4 - block radius of the targeted enemy.

that's pretty much it for the pros. now for the cons (don't worry, there aren't too many)

the first consequence to having such a complex modification is that it i guess it wouldn't be in the spirit of the original minecraft and many people reminiscent of the old minecraft might complain. this however can be averted by simply not making a spell book.

another consequence of having this mod is that the spells might lag a lot and may even cause crashes but then again, you could just have an option to turn off animations like in optifine so that the spells just do their thing without any animation.

5 replies

12/03/2012 6:47 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Grump
I think this is a fantastic concept. I think you need to expand on a couple things though. Should only certain mobs drop mana? How much mana would you get from these mobs, and would it be different amounts depending on the mob? Should there be different spell books for all the different types of spell books (i.e. Fire, ice, lightning, etc...) and could these books be made from type specific items?

I also think you need to clean up your blog, everything is almost the same font and there's no real excitement to it which might make people not really pay attention to it. Maybe bold and use a bigger font on any section titles, capitalize spell names and underline them, overall just make it look more pleasing to the reader, because not everyone will read through it all the way when the aesthetics aren't there.

Like i said though, i really like the idea and would love to see you make the finals, so I'm just trying to help you out some. Good luck
12/03/2012 6:54 pm
Level 24 : Expert Skinner
i suppose the Mana would vary on different mobs like you would get 2- 3 MP from a zombie because they aren't very magical creatures whereas you would get 5 - 6 MP from an enderman because they are very magical creatures.

p.s i'll work on the font. thanks for the tip ;)
12/03/2012 7:03 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Grump
You're welcome, also include some of the possible disadvantages of incorporating this into the game. I'm sure the judging panel would like to see ideas presented from a dynamic point of view. Show that you really know why this is idea would be a great addition to the game... If you have any questions or need help with anything send me a PM
12/03/2012 7:24 pm
Level 24 : Expert Skinner
thank you for the help, i'll be sure to contact you should i come across anything that i can't handle :)
12/03/2012 6:39 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
I like the idea a lot it would be fun to have this incorperated into the game and the picture is nice. Oh how I hope I live to the day when you can open books in minecraft.

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