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Spring Fling Community Event Summary

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Spring Fling

Community Event Conclusion

PMC is blooming with beautiful spring submissions ! With a final push towards 400 Event Submissions, we exceeded that goal by 4, for a total of 404 Submissions in the Spring Fling Event! Yay! There were a total of 67 projects, 318 Skins, and a whopping 22 Blogs - the most blogs we've ever had submitted in an Event! We loved watching the community come together, once again, for a fun filled collaboration!


🦆 Quack Quack!
You can find plenty of adorable duck submissions like this this duckling onesie skin by _Treasure_ or this rosy-cheeked Duckling by ziggy like stardust.

Duckie Minecraft Skin duckling Minecraft Skin

One of our event hosts, DinowCookie, took part in the event and made a couple of submissions including this cute Duckling in Dungarees Skin!

🐣 Chirp Chirp!
Or is it tweet tweet? Either way, springtime isn't complete without these smol yellow cuties! Chickie Little by Silly165 was one of our favorite chickie themed projects, featuring a chick nestled in a bed of grass, surrounded by pastel eggs and daffodils.

Spring Fling Community Event Summary

Speaking of chirping chicks, let's take a moment to talk about PEEPERS!

Peepers was this season's PMC pet! Peepers love somersaulting, trying to fly, and taking long walks along the header of the site, often times pecking at the ground for worms.

Fun Peeper Statistics:
Total members who found peepers: 1,469
Total members who found all 3 peepers: 278

DinowCookie clicked 80 wiggling eggs, making her the top egg clicker! Acier placed second with 32 egg clicks, and 3rd place was tied by etqtay and Angel with 19 egg clicks! click, click, cluck!

Some members were inspired by our springtime PMC pet peepers like MarkSarmite who built a Peepers portrait and HatThing who made a Peepers inspired skin, The Fourth Peeper. The Fourth Cyborg-ish Peeper (pictured below, left)is said to have adapted to its' environment after being left behind by the other 3 peepers in an attempt to evacuate PMC. Fourth peepers may have gotten the short end of the stick, but they sure are unique!

The Fourth Peeper - Spring Fling Thing Minecraft Skin Birch Peeper Minecraft Skin

Another Peepers inspired skin was Birch Peeper (pictured above, right)by sbeve. A peeper perched on birch, cute!

🐇 Hoppity-Hop!
Bunnies were another popular springtime furry friend featured in many submissions. The Easter bunny made an appearance several times! AndyDesigner' project Happy Easter features a pink Easter Bunny hanging out under a blossomed tree with its' Easter Basket Full of goodies.

Various skin artists entered an Easter Bunny skin, designed differently each time! Our favorite is the one by Wildflowers, who designed her own creative take on the Easter Bunny's appearance, by dressing it in a giant easter egg as a costume! The perfect attire when your job is to hide eggs. 😁

Speaking of hiding eggs, kimandjax & their team of creators stepped in the role of Easter Bunny and created the greatest Minecraft egg hunt ever! They spent 100 hours creating their project, providing you with hours of fun trying to find all the eggs. Amazing teamwork!

MarkSarmite hosted their own Bunny Skin Contest, which received quite a few entries! Congratulations to the winner Hibiki Ekko who won with their skin Pink Girl!

🐝Buzz Buzz!
Don't fret! These bee submissions are anything but scary! In fact, some of them may lessen your fear of these flying friends. Dogglesends a powerful message with their must-read blog post entry "Bees and the Sneeze", which brings awareness to the declining bee population, how bees play an important role in our ecosystem, and why we must do what we can to help save them. To read more about the importance of bees and what you can do to help, visit their submission or this site with more info.

There's more that meets the eye in this skin submission .buzz the bee. by KitCameron_. It may appear to be a skin with a sunflower crown and overalls, but if you look closely there's a little bee friend! The bee buddy feeds off of and pollinates the flowers of the flower crown on the skin!

.buzz the bee. Minecraft Skin

Amongst the Quacks, Chirps, Hops and Buzz's were skins with flower crowns, builds with bright colors, and pretty poised poems such as these four in the Spring Poems blog by Lemilas. We were positively surprised by the amount of poetry entered in this event.

The same is true for the amount of photography we ran into this April. In a lot of places on Earth, everything is in bloom and it surely inspires people to grab their camera and hunt for pretty pictures. Some great examples are these captures by CaraRose (middle) and MarkSarmite (left & right).

Member muse_syu joined the site just earlier this year, but has quickly grabbed our attention with their colorful, cheerful builds and their submissions in the event are no exception! Their Dandelion House and Flower Island perfectly reflect how nice and colorful spring can be. The details on these submissions are impressive, and best of all; they're both available to download!

Dandelion House

Builds, skins and blogs weren't the only colorful sections on PMC! We asked members to tag us if you fling'd spring on your profiles, and a total of 21 members did! Using pastel pixel art and text, pictures of flowers and blooming cherry trees, and cute spring-themed GIFs, members all over PMC took part in decorating their profiles in celebration of Spring. One of our favorite spring profiles is etqtay's, who used a variety of pictures, gifs and art to tie together a pink profile, a perfect spring color! We also enjoyed Spectral's clever use of their profile banner, as well as the chocolate egg pixel art on SpidWasTaken's profile.Visit the Official Spring Fling Community Event Discussion to see the entire list of all members that fling'd spring on their profile!

If you particapated in the Spring Fling Event, in your trophy case you'll find a beautiful butterfly participation badge created by DinowCookie!


The members of Planet Minecraft are truly talented in many ways! This summary showcases just a small sample of the amazing entries in April's Spring Fling Event. We hope you had fun, and as always hope to see you again the next time an event pops up.
Credit@DinowCookie @Cyprezz

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05/05/2019 2:29 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Zombie
literallyzombie's Avatar
Tnis was so fun! I hope we have something similar soon!
05/04/2019 3:49 pm
Level 40 : Master Wolf Whisperer
Starryspectrum's Avatar
Congrats to the winners!
05/04/2019 6:53 am
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
AndyDesigner's Avatar
WOW I was mentioned ʕ•̫͡•ʕ̫͡ʕ•͓͡•ʔ-̫͡-ʕ•̫͡•ʔ̫͡ʔ-̫͡-ʔ

Thank you
05/04/2019 4:39 am
Level 32 : Artisan Cake
KitCameron_'s Avatar
It was so much fun to participate! 'Til next year c:
05/04/2019 2:15 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Princess
CaraRose's Avatar
Aww thank you for great Community Event! <3

I had so much fun
05/04/2019 2:14 am
Level 49 : Master Fox
LimeeFox's Avatar
The number of submissions sounds like an error
05/13/2019 9:20 am
Level 70 : Legendary Dinosaur
DinowCookie's Avatar
Right, 404: entries missing! 🤣
05/04/2019 1:22 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Dragon
MarkSarmite's Avatar
Lol I was mentioned 3 times!
05/03/2019 5:50 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Button Pusher
HatThing's Avatar
It was really fun while it lasted!
05/03/2019 5:49 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Cyborg
Lemilas's Avatar
Thanks for the mention! I was glad to contribute. Congratulations to everyone who participated!
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