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What are the things that terrify you?

A Normal World?

Let's start simple as we "Normally" do... But what's normal? "Well, it's something that we are used to do!" says you, and you're right, but it isn't just something we do. It can can be related to every single sense we have. Mostly sight, but why is that? Well it's because we regularly see stuff on the street, in our house, and in nature and it's not hard to say that we react to strange stuff very fast! But what makes something strange in the first place?


Well strange enough anything can be strange under the right circumstances, and you may ask how? Well here is an example; Imagine a world where no one has legs, everyone just has wheels as legs, I know it's a "strange" example, but to the people of this world having wheels as legs is a very normal thing to have, to them having regular old native human legs would seem very strange, but why aren't we born with a "Normal things" Manual book that just simply explains everything? Well it is more interesting than it seems at first.

Useless at the start...

We as humans are never born knowing what is right, and what is wrong, nor a puppy. We learn it from reward, punishment in all its ways, and experience... But why? Can't a baby just have a better brain? Well is our brain just... useless? Well no, the brain helps us by giving us fear, but there is a difference between creepy, and scary ... something creepy is when you see something that looks threatening, but isn't really dangerous. It gives off strange feelings if you will, but in all cases if strange things makes you feel creeped out, excited, unfazed, or just fun it's always good to have something different in your life, and with out you knowing it, it could even be something nice!

The good side

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