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Super Derp's Stories 3: The Haunted Mansion

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avatar Super-Derp
Level 11 : Journeyman Fish
Hello! You came for some SUPER DERPY "SLAP MY BUTT" SILLY STORIES? I am Derp Noobhouse, but my superhero name is SUPER DERP!

I suggest you read parts 1 and 2 before reading this:

Super Derp's Stories: Becoming A Hero: https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/super-derp-s-stories-becoming-a-hero/

Super Derp's Stories 2: Battle Of The Derps https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/super-derp-s-stories-2-battle-of-the-derps/

Did you finish reading parts one and two? GREAT! Now let me tell you about one of the worst vacations I have been on.

CHAPTER ONE: Deciding The Vacation

Last week I defeated DerpBot, who was pretty strong. I am still tired from that battle. I hear an explosion coming from Dr.Nood's testing chamber. He comes into my room smothered in slime, oil, dust, and another liquid that looks cancerous. "Whew! Being a scientist is pretty exhausting!" exclaims Dr.Nood. He was thinking what I was thinking, a vacation. I asked where should we go for vacation. I went on the old computer that Dr.Nood found in the junk yard. "Maybe we can go to Beach Paradise Inn!" says Dr.Nood. I search it up. "It's fully booked." I reply. "How about Nature Plains Hotel?" Dr.Nood asks. I search it up. "It's fully booked." I reply. "How about Winter Cabin Hotel?" Dr.Nood asks. I search it up. "It's fully booked." I reply. "How about Volcano Mania Inn?" asks Dr.Nood. I search it up. "It's fully booked." I reply. Every SINGLE HOTEL was FULLY BOOKED. I finally find a hotel that is not fully booked. "It's called Mansion Of Ghosts Inn." I say to Dr.Nood.It looks creepy, old, and disgusting. "It's better than nothing!" replies Dr.Nood. We get a room at the Mansion Of Ghosts Inn, and we buy tickets to Creepmania (the island where the hotel is).

CHAPTER TWO: The Ride To Creepmania

Since there are no planes on Planet Minecraft (The planet I live on, duh) To travel around we use minecarts and an underground tunnel. Dr.Nood and I get our tickets, then we hand them to this old man who looks like he didn't shave for centuries, then the man gives us our minecarts. We place them in the tunnel, and we hop on. We get on the track that goes to Creepmania. It looks like the track wasn't used for AGES! Dr.Nood and I ride halfway until our heads get stuck in cobwebs and our minecarts go on without us. We have lost our minecarts. We couldn't stop in the middle of the track (even though nobody used it), so we jut kept on going. Dr.Nood and I walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk until we see a giant gap in the tracks. It looks like a creeper blew it up. but before I could jump over the hole, spiders and ZOMBIES ATTACK US! I get on my mask and cape, I call my MIGHTY FISH, and I heroically fight off the monsters while Dr.Nood is cowardly running away screaming his head off. I can't really explain the fight against me and the monsters, so I am just gonna make the noises I made while fighting them! BAM! POW!! BASH! OOF! SLAP! SLAPPITY SLAPP SLAP! PEW! WOOSH! CRACK! SQUEAK! MOO! OINK! DUH! POW! I defeated all the monsters. I continue walking on the track. I find Dr.Nood eating an ENTIRE CAKE! I asked him where did he get the cake. He tells me that he found it covered in dust and cobwebs on a old and broken table. I don't know what's more surprising. That Dr.Nood was hungry enough to eat that old disgusting cake, or that a cake and table were in a cave. But before I can think further, Dr.Nood becomes nauseous and faints.

CHAPTER THREE: Welcome To Creepmania!

I had to drag Dr.Nood ALL the way to Creepmania, but because of my super derp strength, it only worn me out a LITTLE bit. I see a mansion on top of a hill. I think that is Mansion Of The Ghosts Inn. I go in a creepy forest. It scary, even for a SUPERHERO! Dr.Nood wakes up. "Where am I? What Happened?" Dr.nood asks. I tell him that he ate an old cake and fainted. "But how did I end up in the forest?" Dr.Nood asks. "BECAUSE I HAD TO DRAG YOUR BIG BUTT EVERYWHERE!" I reply. We both walk towards the hotel. We are finally out of the CREEPY forest. We reach a giant mountain. We look up. There the hotel was, on the edge of the mountain. Dr.Nood and I climb the mountain, and we go inside the hotel.

CHAPTER FOUR: Mansion Of The Ghosts Inn

"Hello? We're here for room 362, anybody there?" I ask. Nobody was inside except me and Dr.Nood. So we just go to our room, 362. The door wasn't locked, so just go in. Dr.Nood and I were SO tired, we took a nap for 20 hours! When I woke up, Dr.Nood was gone. I looked in the washroom, he wasn't there.I checked outside, he wasn't there. I checked in the lobby, he wasn't there. I checked the hallway, he wasn't there. This is very creepy! When I get back to my room, I fall into a big deep hole, and I faint. When I wake up, I am inside a cage. "Hello super noob, I was expecting you." says a voice behind me. I turn around, it's Dr.Pro!

CHAPTER FIVE: Return Of The Pro

Dr.Pro was the first villain I fought, I thought he was in prison! "How did you escape prison?" Dr.Nood asks, who was in a cage beside me. "Simple, I dug a hole out! I dug and dug until I reached Creepmania. I found an abandoned hotel on the top of a mountain. I decide to make that my base! And when I saw you being dragged by super noob, I made a trap for you guys!" replies Dr.Pro. While he was talking about his sweet victory, I was using my Mighty Fish to escape this cage! I thought Dr.Pro would notice that I was not in my cage, but he still continued to boast about his victory to Dr.Nood. Dr.Pro continued to boast until I knocked him out with my Mighty Fish. I free Dr.Nood, and we head home.

CHAPTER SIX: The Last Chapter

We return to Craftsville with Dr.Pro. Dr.Nood and I give Dr.Pro to the cops, they tell us that we are heroes and that Dr.Pro would be in a higher fortified cell. The vacation wasn't what I expected, but I still had a blast (mostly because I got to knock someone in the head)! Since we found Dr.Pro at a hotel, I wonder if we are going to bump into DerpBot at a circus!

Whew, that was SCARY! This was more intense than my other adventures, but it was still fun! That is the end of my adventure! so until we see each other again, SEE YOU!!

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super derp.
  • Super-Derp
  • Level 11
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  • July 8, 2018, 5:40 pm
is a super derp.
  • Super-Derp
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Fish
  • July 13, 2018, 3:45 pm

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