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✦ Running a Server ~ Part 2 ✦

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Level 54 : Grandmaster Mage



This is a continuation of a previous tutorial.

Read the first one HERE, if you haven't.



A server needs people. So, make a cool cover photo advertising the main features of your server, make up an intro that will reel people in, and take pictures of your spawn (like I had in part 1 of this tutorial). If you so choose, you can even make a server video showing off your server's primary features. Then, post your server on a Minecraft server list site, such as here on Planet Minecraft, or Minestatus, Minecraft-server-list, etc.

(Example cover photo and banner. Banner should be 468x60 pixels.)



(Example server video from my old server. NOTE: IP is invalid since the server is closed.)

(where to post servers on PMC)


('Adding a new server' window)


Click to reveal


As I mentioned in the previous part, you should have ranks to keep your players busy. If you don't, they are likely to get bored after a while and leave.


Some player rank ideas of a few themes:


To pay for your server, you should have a payment system set up. Or donations, what ever you want to call them (see my stance on this topic HERE).

(Suggested plugin: Buycraft. Needed to receive money: PayPal.)

Most popular servers have a good community of players who are on the server a lot. They stay on because they have interesting things to do. Try hosting events on your server that involve everyone, such as Survival Games, The Walls, a PvP match, etc. Host a 'drop party' at your spawn, where you throw random items into the crowd.

('Wasteland Parkour' by wrightrj, a trainee-mod from my old server.)


(My old server event world. You can make a whole other world specifically for events, if you wish.)


(if you don't want to, you do not have to follow the next bit)

A lot of Minecraft servers these days have their own websites. You can set up your own easily over at Enjin. They offer a month free, then the ability to pay for 'days' on an Advanced plan. If you want to stay without costs, there is a Free plan, but it includes ads.

Another good community-oriented thing to set up is a server TeamSpeak. This allows players to talk to one another while playing. However, it does cost to use, unlike Skype, which is also a useable alternative. If you're interested, HERE's a link to download the TeamSpeak client.

To make your server popular, you need to advertise it. As I said before, you can make a server video. This might be a good way to advertise, since people like watching videos more than reading your server description. If you include enough info in the video, and make it epic enough, they will have more of a desire to join your server.


You can also set up a voting reward system with the plugin Votifier. It can connect to your server's PMC, Minestatus, or Minecraft-server-list page, and reward players who vote for you. Each vote moves you up the list, and if you get enough votes, your server will have free advertising (on
, the server 'toplist').


Another way to give your server a bit of quick advertising is to 'bump' your submission every day. This can be done through the 'Update this Server' panel. Once in there, click Update Log, and the Bumb Submission button. This puts your server under the Recently Updated servers under the
Server tab.


AyGpngNB: Be sure to upload a server banner when submitting your server. It must be 468x60 pixels, and .png, .jpg, or .gif file. You can make one easily at Bannersnack.
'What? The tutorial's over? Noooo...,' you say. Right? xD Well, I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial, and learned more about starting and maintaining your own Minecraft server. ;)

I leave you with this graphic:



Did I miss something? Comment below if I did.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. ;)




09/05/2012 7:00 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Pokemon
I can vouch as a server owner that enjin is a wonderful website to use for your server
09/05/2012 7:01 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Mage
Me too. Used it for my server when it was up. ;)
And now the server I am mod on uses it.
09/05/2012 3:45 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Ninja
Make a blog on doing permissions, i know how to do it, but i just want to give you ideas, and if your R willing to do it.. i will post a blog about this page ^_^ and the permissions one :3
09/05/2012 10:14 am
Level 35 : Artisan Toast
Could you make a tutorial of some fun plugins for your server?
I got my own server, I know how to setup everything but looking for plugins isnt me:)
09/05/2012 10:16 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Mage
That's a good tutorial idea. Thanks. :)
(if I make it, I'll credit you)
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