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Running Your Server Part 2: Choosing the Staff

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Running Your Server Series:
1. The Basics

So fellow Minecrafters! In the light of my popular blog post on running a server and the many request for help I have decided to turn this into a in-depth series in investigating what makes an awesome server.

I get this question A LOT! How can we choose the staff that we trust in running our servers? How many do we need? Where can I find the staff? It is really tiring I admit to find responsible staff in running servers. Good people are hard to come by and it is when we trust them the most, they desert or grief the entire server. So lets go step by step through finding the perfect staff for your server.

1. Blacklist anyone who asks to be OP / Mod / Etc.
The fact that these people are asking to be part of your server means that they have ulterior motives they will often go like "This server is so awesome I want to make it better." Pardon my French but that is pure BS. They want the position because of the POWER and they can go hammering away with the Ban Hammer. How do I know this? It is because they are asking for the position in the first place.

My suggestion is that these players are the lowest of the low if you want to recruit your staff.

2. Look for those LOYAL players who helps out the Noobz.
These are the ideal candidates for your staff positions. They ask nothing in return as they dedicate their time in helping out whiny noobs. BUT. Keep in mind that some players will deliberately try to act all "nicey-nicey" when you are online to make a point that they are being "nice." How do you sort out these players? Well usually they are the players from the first part who already asked you if they could be OP. My answer? Blacklist'em.

So more on those loyal players. These players are the ones who log on every day. These are the player who have no haters at all. These players are the players that everybody on the server is friends. These players are your FINEST CANDIDATES.

3. But they don't have experience!!
But they can LEARN!! If they are loyal players they will pick up learning how to be part of the staff quite quickly. And even if they do not have experience with World Edit, Permissions, etc. they have plenty of experience of helping out players and this is the primary job of any I repeat any staff.

Train them in the arts of commands and these newly-found staff will be the best staff you ever had. The only problem? There are so damn little of them.

4. Make sure they have a job!
Whether it is banning the lowest of the low Minecrafters (Yes I am looking at you Xrayers & Hackers), building awesome new structures at Spawn, or running events, every member of the staff needs a job. For your info here is the Staff Makeup of New Liberty.

New Liberty Staff Model:
Admins: All Access
Demiadmins: Indistinguishable from Admins, but have no access to FTP or server.
Moderators: /kick. /jail, /mute (No we do not allow our Mods to spawn items.)
Demimods: /mute

^You can see here that we do not give a lot of power to our staff. Well guess what? They still love their jobs because they simply love helping out rather than having power.

So that is my second update on running a successful server. Any questions? Any criticisms? Feel free to comment and ask. I will always personally respond to any questions!

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02/24/2012 3:36 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
bjjdude's Avatar
mods should be able to ban to.
09/01/2012 10:33 pm
Level 21 : Expert Princess
wannamymilk's Avatar
i dont think so. just give them /jail. they can jail them till a /ban person comes on. i think mods should not hav //wand
12/20/2011 2:14 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Andro121's Avatar
Wow U rly know how to run a server!!! No wonder u have a very popular server :D!
11/06/2011 5:35 pm
Level 26 : Expert Dragonborn
DreadxDragon's Avatar
you are close to proffectional about this advice!!! :D
11/06/2011 6:31 am
Level 22 : Expert Skinner
XDogzZ's Avatar
OH MY GOD! Then i am perfect to be an staff member. I like helping noobs :D Have been op on classic server. U can ask me for staff anyone :P
11/07/2011 4:54 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Engineer
FirstSkyler1's Avatar
Technicaly, that is asking for staff.
11/07/2011 7:46 am
Level 22 : Expert Skinner
XDogzZ's Avatar
Lol i wanted to see if pepole reply me :D
11/07/2011 9:42 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Engineer
FirstSkyler1's Avatar
11/22/2011 8:35 pm
Level 45 : Master Network
NewLibertyMC's Avatar
11/23/2011 8:08 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Engineer
FirstSkyler1's Avatar
11/05/2011 8:45 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
deadsteady's Avatar
please help ive tryed everything i cant make a server i am horrible at the stuff
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