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The Cake is a LIE - a dramatic monologue

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Borisr55's Avatar Borisr55
Level 48 : Master Modder
o What! You mean to tell me that the cake is a lie? It was never there, nor will it ever be in true existence? But I ate the cake, it was delicious and now you are telling me, the baker of the cakes, that the cake is a LIE? I have been baking cakes my entire life! Next your gonna tell me every cake known to man is a LIE! The cake can not be a lie for it is in front of my very eyes. I know you are an elder one, but why is this a lie. I have worked many years on perfecting the art of cake making and you, the most intelligent of us, tell me that all my hard work is a lie? I know that you are the smartest of us all, but are you sure you areno t getting your facts mixed up? You are smart, and intelligent, but I do not believe you; but I know it is the wrong thing to do not believing you. I take that statement back, I believe you. You are the smartest of us all, and I am just a baker of cakes; a cake baker who bakes lies. I am now a lie baker. A lie baker who creates the most delicious chocolate lies you will ever taste, but I still have a small, tiny, microscopic, question. Why is the cake a lie? OH! sorry, why must I ask questions that I already know the answer too?
Again I am extremely sorry for calling you a liar. Everyone knows you never lie, you are the smartest of us all! You only say truths, and this statement about cakes being lies must also be true! For what is a lie? Everyone knows a lie is what YOU, the smartest of us all, tell us is not the truth. What is a truth? Everyone knows a truth is what YOU tell us is not a lie! You are the smartest of us all. I have been told my entire life that what you say must be the truth, and the truths that you say are lies must be lies, for you are the smartest man that has ever been on this planet. I know to never question you, and I am sorry that I did earlier. Everyone knows you are not a liar, you only tell truths and when you said the cake is a lie, then IT IS A LIE! Anyways, why would you lie? You only tell truths, you have no reason to lie! For you are the smartest of us all and all of us know that. It is taught in schools, so it can not be a lie, that you NEVER lie! So today I found out that all the cakes in the world are all lies, for you the smartest man have said so. For cakes are lies, just like everything else in the world that I am very proud to live in."

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11/17/2011 6:11 am
Level 49 : Master Modder
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09/20/2011 10:53 am
Level 23 : Expert Explorer
Shillk's Avatar
O-O I have no idea what I just read...
09/19/2011 10:07 am
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Sam_teh_man's Avatar
09/17/2011 9:19 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Ranger
PaladinPinto's Avatar
The cake is a lie. XD
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