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- The End Theory -

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Level 17 : Journeyman Toast
Purpur is one of the strangest and most otherworldly materials in Minecraft, found in a fittingly strange and otherworldy dimension: the End. The blocks themselves can be crafted from popped chorus fruits, which have been harvested from the angular cacti-like chorus trees, and then gently smelted. But these are no ordinary fruits - when eaten they can teleport the player a short distance. Even weirder, purpur blocks make the perfect camouflage for the mollusc-like shulkers, emerging from their purpurish shells to launch homing missiles at the player.”

Information about purpur:

  • A stone-type material.
  • Is soft.
  • Crafted using popped chorus fruit.
  • Camouflage for shulkers.
  • Has a pillar form.
  • Is in structures.
  • The name is a real type of purple (for some reason not the shade that the block is)

From the fact that purpur is made from popped chorus fruit says that it could be similar to paper, as it is also created from a plant material. But it’s more similar to stone, so it’s more like the hard materials formed from cellulose. Popping chorus fruit could suck out the juice and leave fibers ideal for purpur. And the fact that it’s soft makes sense due to the plant material.

Shulkers probably evolved to blend into purpur, and worked with the endermen to pop the chorus fruit with some strange power, since the end is very cold. Then they built the end cities and end ships to civilize, and the shulker shells would be obviously for camouflage, but also to protect their eyes from looking at the endermen, plus their low level. But why did the shulkers need to camouflage?

Well, maybe it was to escape the dragon. The ender dragon might have been an overlord of the end and used bedrock to build a small gateway. There the endermen and shulkers found a flourishing land of chorus fruit, and the shulkers began to all live in the land beyond the gateway.

The dragon heard about the shulkers ditching her land, got mad, and told the endermen to lay as many ender pearls as they could. That would hatch endermites (endermen are a species that attack their young), who could fit through a one-block space to attack the shulkers.

Then the shulkers slowly began to start camouflaging into their built homes of chorus fruit, to protect themselves from the endermites. They also grew a hard shell for defense. And when the player comes along, all the endermites hide or suicide. The shulkers question what the player is, and from curiosity, attack them. Then a battle starts and the shulkers die. In addition, the sacred elytra of the endermites is stored at the top of each tower.

And that’s how the shulkers and purpur came to be.


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