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The Herobrine Story

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BEWARE: This story is not real!

Once upon a time, a charming couple: Mr. Persson and Mrs. Persson. One day, the fabulous couple decided to have children. Excited by the idea of having several children, Mrs. Persson came out, little dressed for the cold weather of autumn, go announce the good news to his friends and colleagues. About five days later, Mrs. Persson had caught flu, a gigantic flu where she couldn't even walk, to cause that her pain was spread throughout his body. Worried for the baby, she decided to visit the doctor. The wait was long, Mrs. Persson has to wait four and a half hours before seeing the doctor.
«Dr. Isler!» I just want to know if my children are going well, after this flu!
-Hmm... I'll do an x-ray of your uterus to see the babies. Lie down here please."
Mrs. Persson moves and Dr. Isler take x-rays.
"It's not beautiful.
-What is going on?
-The first baby is doing very well but the second is in bad health and could be very fragile."

Nine months later, two babies are born. The first is named Markus, Brown eyes and black hair. The second, the patient, is named Rodrick, blue eyes and brown hair. Seven years after Markus learn to program, the Komodor 128 of his father. Markus had a great talent for it. One day, Markus decided to program a game in version alpha Minecraft.
-Yes Markus?
-Would you test my new game named Minecraft
-Of course! It has only a small exception.
-Which one?
-Do need me a username to be able to differentiate me from others.
-No problems! What name want you?
-Herobrine. H-E-R-O-B-R-I-N-E.
-Fact! Enters this portal to enter the game.
-I go to the portal. »
Herobeine was in minecraft for a long time. Notch was starting to worry and came back in the game. He saw friend Rodrick with Steve, programmed by default player. Markus is felt at home and out of the game.
Just hours Herobrine am friends with Steve, the two were in a mine. Herobrine saw a diamond. While Herobrine headed the diamond that he fell into a lava Lake, except that the lava was not normal, it was whitish, and the smoke was coming out as if it were of wood burning. And Herobrine out of lava flying, white eyes, controlling all minecraft.
«Herobrine!» Herobrine! Is you correct?
-Course, or you'll die...
-But... Is you correct?
-Course while there is still time..."
In less than ten seconds, Steve was out of the mine.

The consequences could be severe. Josephine decided to create the company Mojang AB to control Herobrine. But create Mojang was going to be long. Herobrine has been removed from the game very late.

END (dramatic end :P)
Credit© ISFIGU75 2013

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