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The Love Story of Steve and Alex

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The Love Story of Steve and Alex

There was once a guy named Steve. He had the funniest laugh ever. Everyone made fun of him. His plain, old skin with his same clothes that he wears everyday. Everyone made fun of him! He was a lonely young man just going around Minecraft. He was the person no one wanted to talk to. He met this girl as he was traveling one day. Her long brown hair, with a blue colored flower on her hair. Her blue eyes match the color of the sky, where the peace surrenders. She was PERFECT for him. Well, not so perfect. She was the dream girl that everyone wanted to be with. So Steve went up to her and said “Hello there! How yah doin’? The girl just walked away. Steve was in pain, but he continued to hunt for animals. When it became night time, Steve was too far from home. As he was walking home, 6 zombies and 7 skeletons reach apon him. He had 2 hearts left, with 4 zombies and 3 skeletons still alive. He ran, scared as hell that he was gonna die with all his armor and not be able to get it back. As he turned back, he saw all the mobs dead. It was still night, but all the mobs suddenly disappeared. Out of thin air. Then he saw a girl. She was not an ordinary girl. She had this orange colored hair, with a green shirt. She didn’t look like those mean, arrogant girls. She was nice and calm. We shook hands and she looked up to Steve and said “Hi, I’m Alex.”Steve was clueless. He didn’t know what to do. He just froze. “Hi, I’m steve.” They got to know each other for a few days. They became very close friends. Soon, Steve picked up a flower, looked up to Alex, and said “I love you.” Alex giggled and they lived happily ever after. :)

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