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Editors Note: Welcome to The Minecraft Times. This may only be our first issue, but we plan to make as many more as we can. Thanks! Also, I appologize for any random n's you may find. We are working on an easy way to fix that

Artistic Craft-
Artistic ncraft isno t a very realistic pack, but it is very detailed. Most of the nblocks haveno t changed and they have a blue tinge to them. Most of the nblocks seem very grubby too, as if they were covered in soot. The water nis a very dark blue, and looks like transparent blocks. None of the nitems have changed but the blocks have. There doesno t seem to be a nchange on mob textures either. Maybe in the future this person will nupdate it. Other than that, I loved this texture pack and I highly nrecommend getting it. But it is a HD Texture Pack. So remember to ndownload HD Texture Fix if you dono t already have it.
Thisn texture pack is what it is, Cuboid. There are not many changes, but nthey are good changes. The mob and item texture have not changed at all,n hopefully they will in the future, I like this pack. The water looks nvery cool, but I think I might have gone for a lighter color, it is a ndark blue. The grass and wood is very cube-y, which is good, because then name fits the texture. My favourite texture out of this pack would haven to be the bedrock texture, I love it so much! Overall, this texture is npretty cool and doesno t need HD Texture Fix! So you should check it out,n most of you would like it.
Goathos Pack-
Not much in this texturen has changed at all. It is very obvious that the creator used real npictures. But, some of the textures are really cool. I like the fire ntexture a lot. The long grass is really cool too, but the wood texture nwould have to be my favorite. The creator used the same lava and water ntexture that is on MCEdit. I find that being lazy. This texture pack is nkind of disappointing for an HD texture pack. Ito s ok, but I dono t know nif ito s one of the best textures ever.
Fancy Craft-
This texture npack is amazing. Every block has changed. All of the textures are noriginal and different. Even the items have changed. The creator of thisn pack has done an amazing job, even though they did use some pictures. nIt makes Minecraft look real, but gives that unrealistic feel still. Then water is beautiful, and the lava looks real. The animals look real and ncute. The mobs are cool too. There is one problem with this pack though,n when you fly high up, everything looks gritty. But besides that this ntexture pack is beautiful and amazing at the same time. I highly nrecommend getting it. It is HD, so download HD Texture pack Fix! It nreally is worth it!
Will Pack-
This texture pack is very ncreative. Everything has a cartoony original look. All blocks have nchanged and so have the items. The creator has used some pictures for nthe items, but that gives the sense of realism, not just cartoon. The nwater and lava textures are my favorite. The water looks as if it is nflowing all of the time, and there are waves. The lava is cool, very norange and not too real, which is good. Some of the mobs have had their ntextures changed. They look pretty much the same with minor changes. nOverall, this pack is pretty cool, but ito s HD. I do suggest you try it nout, you may like it!

The Planet Minecraft contest for November, SteamPunk, winners were:
1st Place- halucid
2nd Place- Dcorona
3rd Place- ianbaker
Congrats to you three!
A very popular skin of today(Monday) was made by PARKOURsam. It is a Red Dragon and its eyes and mouth actually move! [size=50%]-MrCrazySpencer[/size]

This is a review of the Medieval stores model pack. So if you lack ncreativity then look no further because this is just not some project nits a complete town. Its just a small project is mostly for people who ndon't really have a "creative" mind and it is to inspire the ones who ndon't and give spawn towns to the people who do. This pack of building ncontains a windmill, alchemy store, fishery, clock store, market tower nand etc ... pretty much everything you need for your town. In my opinionn i would give this a 7 out of 10. The architect makes it look like a nvery realistic medieval town. So i would recommend this for any one who ndesires a little creative inspiration.
Reviewed by - otcan9009

More Mobs Mod
Created By: SimJoo
Article written by: TheRealBlogger
n There are only so many mobs in Minecraft, and after awhile we get nbored of them. Pigs, Zombies, and even Enderman can get tiring after nawhile. This is a perfect reason why you should use SimJoo's mod, More nmobs. There's a large variety of new mobs. The mod gives Steve-like NPCsn randomly generated in the world along with ghosts, new nether mobs, andn many more.
The mod isn't yet complete but so far, it works pretty well. In the future SimJoo plans to add items the new mobs will drop.
So if you're feeling bored or frustrated with old mobs, give More Mobs a try.

A week and a half has passed since the biggest event ever in the nMinecraft community took place. Yes, you guessed it... Minecon! And it nwas a huge success. Taking place over an action packed 2 days the nevento s attendees got to witness the launch of the long awaited nMinecraft 1.0, as well as meeting their favourite YouTube celebrities nsuch as The Yogscast and CaptainSparklez. In addition to this they got nto have an early look at Scrolls, Cobalt and the first playable demo of nMinecraft for Xbox. Upon arriving to the event Minecrafters each nreceived a Creeper goodie bag filled with items such as custom Jones nsoda bottles, a Minecraft mouse mat, tonnes of advertisements and npossibly best of all, an Xbox-Live Minecon cape! The event also hosted npanels, consisting of groups of people like Mojang, The Yogscast, Bukkitn programmers and the Machinima partners, in which the panelists gave a npresentation and answered some questions. Here
you can see part 1 of the Yogscast panel.Movingn on to more things Minecraft. Jeb has recently announced that Mojang nwill be releasing weekly pre-releases after 1.0 is released. The first none has already been released, although it is only available as a servern and consists only of bug fixes. These weekly pre-releases will be nnamed consisting of their year and week, here is an example: 11w47.
Then 11 shows the year and 47 shows the week. In case of more than one nrelease during the week an a,b,co ¦. will be added to the end.
And nfinally, Notch, the creator of Minecraft, has been honoured in Team nFortress 2 by being given an exclusive Minecraft style head! You can nread more here: http://www.gamebandits.com/news/minecra ... ss-2-23903

smp craft is 4 you
This is a amazing server nits pretty stable and there are kind people on here I know the creator in nreal life so I know how good he is at leader ship. I help run this server nwe are glad when we find new people on the server
come and have fun.
keep on mining

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Come Check Out The Dead Island Texture Pack!

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Thanks for helping us get to the front page everybody!

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12/08/2011 3:51 pm
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what happened to todays one?
12/07/2011 8:03 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Dwarf
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Need some page breaks and pictures to make the wall of text more interesting :P
The Minecraft Times
12/07/2011 9:05 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
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this is just the first issue, the next ones will be better.
12/07/2011 11:37 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Vampire
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sent you issue 2 Minecraft In General :D
12/03/2011 6:25 pm
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To remove the n's in blogs, you click the clipboard in the top right when you are editing your blog and paste what you need to paste in there.
12/07/2011 8:03 pm
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good to know
The Minecraft Times
12/03/2011 8:21 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
The Minecraft Times's Avatar
awesome! we will keep that in mind!
12/03/2011 12:43 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Robot
xeroxthemachine's Avatar
It's spelt 'Edition' ;D

Also there are a lot of random 'n's lying about that make it hard to read.
The Minecraft Times
12/03/2011 8:22 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
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Not for us!

Also, sorry, that is a copy and paste glitch
12/03/2011 9:48 am
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