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PvP Problems

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xX_Jess_xX's Avatar xX_Jess_xX
Level 29 : Expert Blockhead
The title of this blog says it all. The pains of PvP, which is no longer fair or a competitve game. Something which i used to find so enjoyable and fun has been teared up, ripped apart and become a total waste of time and a bore. Well from my experience anyways from the server i play. You see once upon a time someone decided to make a hacked client called "Nodus" This client could have amazing power if a server did not have the right protection in place. A very powerful griefing and raiding tool for the masses to abuse online. But the server i play has never had this problem as it has always been well protected against griefers. But the problem lies with the "Forcefield and Auto-aim" function, See the server i play on has anti-cheat installed but cannot block these aspects of Nodus. And alot of the players use it and even admit it, so i can't just go in and enjoy PvP like i used to anymore without feeling cheated. Or without a player hitting me with a bow when they have there back turned to me, Or manage to be eating a golden apple and drinking potions whilst blocking my attacks and then quickly go back to hitting me. The worst i've ever seen is a player hit me from around 10-15 blocks away with knockback on his sword whilst i was in mid-air. Makes me sick and makes me feel like giving up on PvP, i know its minecraft and its just a game but if in any game you feel like someone is cheating and abusing are you going to like it? The constent unfair kills and taunts of a player using hacked clients is not only sad, but really pathetic also. PvP is supposed to be an enjoyable aspect of minecraft but when people start to cheat for i don't know what reason it becomes tainted and boring. And also the constent moaning, crying and anger if you kill a player is just really annoying and reminds me of someone playing a COD game.


These pictures is showing the Functions of Nodus and the things it can do.


~Players using Forcefield Videos~

~This is another Variation of Nodus its called Kinky~

If anyone has any information on how to block these combat functions on servers please private messsage me!

Grid_Industrial_Diamondpng for if you've ever PvP'd someone with Nodus or who has cheated!


5 Update Logs

Update #5 : by xX_Jess_xX 06/19/2013 8:15:23 amJun 19th, 2013

Added youtube video showing another cracked client other than nodus in use and in production right now.

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07/18/2013 4:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
tummblez_'s Avatar
The video for the kinky one is old, it now has alot more features, for example if you get OP on a server you can do .ecoruin
and ruin the server economy (this is just an example, there are alot more features now)
06/19/2013 10:16 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
anonpmc920328's Avatar
07/05/2013 5:50 pm
Level 29 : Expert Blockhead
xX_Jess_xX's Avatar
Thank you :)
06/18/2013 11:47 pm
Level 29 : Expert Fisherman
BattlingApollo's Avatar
Luckily Sceth (creator of Nodus) is quitting Nodus. He says "Well... this is it. I'm done with Nodus. I've been programming Nodus for
a very long time and I've seen it grow into something I don't like at
and "At one point there were 6, 000 people online the Nodus IRC channel
(connected from the client) a year ago when we had IRC. That's
If you want proof go to his website scetch.net/
06/19/2013 8:24 am
Level 29 : Expert Blockhead
xX_Jess_xX's Avatar
I've just uploaded a video thanks to "tummblez_" About a new and better hacked client with no ties to nodus called "Kinky". And Its too late the damage is already done all we can try do now is to somehow get them banned or make them unusable or get people to stop using them in some way don't know if its even possible but anyone have any ideas?
07/13/2013 9:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
tummblez_'s Avatar
There were 2 good free clients, Kinky and Nodus...but since Nodus is gone you only have to fight people with kinky alot of the other clients are pieces of shit....in 1.6.1 i tried the rubix client and it barely ever hit anyone i pvp'd so much better than it but in 1.6.2 they fixed that :/ (Although still nothing close to Kinky)
06/18/2013 10:28 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Architect
covant's Avatar
I agree,I can see why that would extremely annoying.luckily I have never encountered anyone using such client (or at least not that i'm aware of).but I think you shouldn't give up on pvp because of it,don't let a few imature people who can't stand losing ruin the game for you.and you may be in luck,from what i've heard (I could be wrong about this)I think nodus is being discountied,as it it will not be updated for the newest update of minecraft wich will be 6.1?I think,but yes if that happens then that'd be great will make the game more enjoyable for people like you who enjoy fair pvp.anyways nice blog,thank you for posting maybe this will make servers that may not have known about nouds aware of it so they are able to block it!
06/19/2013 8:30 am
Level 29 : Expert Blockhead
xX_Jess_xX's Avatar
If it was a few i'd let it slide and get on with things. But i'm talking about hacked clients on a huge scale, Where i could be the only one in the PvP Arena without hacks or some kind of cheats. And nodus can go away but something will just replace it maybe even the new one i just posted in a video called "Kinky". It looks even worse and seems simpler to use even. Imagine a 9 year kid with a chance to cheat in PvP and become amazing overnight with a simple client that a baby could use? It will destroy PvP.
06/18/2013 6:35 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Fisherman
biggles982's Avatar
the whole problem isn't necessarily the Hacks but the Donation ranks, the
hacks are easy to get around if you know how to get around them,
Donation ranks give hackers a cheap Advantage over minecraft giving them
full diamond with prop 5 and dsword's and bow's with infinity, flame,
knockback, fireaspect 4, sharpness 4, and fucking retarded buffs and
potions, its even worse on Faction server's because people get more
power do to their donations which doesn't allow other noobs to get a
chance to even play..
06/18/2013 6:39 pm
Level 29 : Expert Blockhead
xX_Jess_xX's Avatar
If you combine the two then seriously there is just no point in even trying it! That is a worse case scenario a player with commands and hacks and best the armor what is the point? How can PvP be enjoyed then?
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