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There is a reason why you don't hear of someone named Urubis and that's plain because you've never heard of him. To the Minecraftians, to speak his name is taboo as it is believed that he who utters it shall bring on an eternity of doom for his descendants.

Urubis was a cast-out. He was frequently teased and bullied by his peers as a result of his horrible disfigurement.His left jaw had been deformed and that caused a peculiar cavity on the underside of his face. Whatever he built was soon to be burnt down and destroyed by Steve, the main bully. Whenever he got something new, they would beat him up until he gave it to them. The worst was, when he found something of value, they would just snatch it from him.

He endured their endless tormenting for years and years, but one day, he snapped. He could not take it any longer. He wanted to take matters into his own hands and punish them accordingly for what they made him go through. Revenge would be his.

Steve woke up groggily, his head throbbing in pain. He tried to recall what had happened but it was all foggy to him. He tried to move his arms and found that they were bound together. He opened his eyes to figure out what was happening and instead found himself hanging on a small metal pole. He shouted, "Where am I?" and yelled for help.

A shadowy figure appeared, pulling a tray of surgical tools. When Urubis' body finally came into the dim, fading candlelight, he said, "Good morning, Steve.". He was dressed in a tattered white apron and wore a mask around his face. Steve laughed and taunted, "Oh look, it's the dorky Urubis! I'm so scared!". He stopped laughing when Urubis suddenly started laughing with him with maniacal frenzy. This confused and somewhat scared him, "Why is Urubis laughing?" he thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted when Urubis announced, "Well, let's not dilly-dally. Time is precious you know!" followed by a short chuckle.

Steve had thought it was all just a joke until he saw Urubis grabbing a hammer. Steve was petrified, he asked in a stammering voice, "Wh-hat are you doing?". Urubis did not reply. He grabbed a nail from a pot of boiling water. "Nice and toasty! I think you'll like it!" he taunted. He wasted no time and hammered a nail into Steve's ankle. Steve screamed in pain. A burning hot sensation rushed up his legs and he cried tears. It was as if someone had just pressed a red-hot iron onto your ankle. Urubis grabbed another nail. "Stop! Please stop! I'm sorry for what I did to you! Please.. Just stop the pain!" Steve begged. Still no response. This time, he hammered it straight into his foot. The nail pierced through his foot like a knife through butter, it's point sticking out underneath the foot. This time, Steve could not scream, the pain was too much. His face was covered in tears and his foot with blood. Urubis swiped his finger through the pool of blood forming on the floor and tasted it. "Tastes like chicken!" he exclaimed, swiping another time again and sipping it.

Steve thought it was over, he couldn't possibly endure much more pain. Sadly, it was not. Urubis grabbed a bone-saw and started sawing off his foot. It was too much pain for Steve and he fainted. Urubis finished the job, leaving a bloody mess and two disconnected feet. The pool of blood started growing and growing. Steve would soon die, but not before Urubis had his fun. He stabbed two bolts into his flesh and applied a current through them. Steve jumped up and winced in pain. 6 Minecraft Joules of energy being zapped into your body is not a pleasant sensation. He wished that he could just die. He was truly sorry for what he did to Urubis and prayed for the sweet release of death. "Rise and shine!" sang Urubis in his song-like voice. He grabbed a scalpel and started to cut tiny portions of skin off Steve. He cut more and more and each time with more anger. Once he was done, he stabbed it into his thigh. He still had not forgiven Steve and all the tormenting he and his friends brought onto him.

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