The Sound of Time.

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Time is something precious to the soul. Yet most beings don't see this. There once was a little boy named Alan. He was like every
other kid, he played at the park, went to school, etc. But his future, was to be a dark one. Because he didn't believe time was important. One day, he found his mom unconscious on the kitchen floor. He was absolutely terrified. He called 911, and they eventually came.

His poor mom, so pale, she looked lifeless on her hospital bed. A few minutes later, the boy found the ground beneath him falling. The atmosphere around him was so tight, he could barely take a breath. Was it his turn? or was it him hallucinating? Oddly enough, he heard the sound of clocks. Clocks were surrounding him, each and every clock was ticking loudly. He was dumbfounded. Slowly, every clock appeared to have a grin. They all glared down at him, the clocks were so gigantic, he felt like an ant. The ticking became louder and louder.
He heard a voice saying "Time is important, your mom is at death's door and you never had a chance to say goodbye, right? You always said you had time later." another voice went "Oh you're such a fool to think time was nothing but trash, if time didn't exist, neither would you." Alan looked left and right to see who was talking to him, but all he could see were big minute, second, and hour hands ticking."Tick, tock, tick, tock, time passes through a clock." All the clocks chanted over and over again. He had been sucked in a void full of ticking clocks that were chanting at him. Who knew such a small mistake, would get him to a terrifying state.

This was The Sound of Time. Alan later on found himself on a chair next to his mom, his mom wouldn't respond to him, neither did she move. "Huh, this is odd.." Alan said. In fact, everything was dead still,even the trees outside. Not a single leaf made a sound. Not one breeze whistled its way through the air and between the houses in his neighborhood. Not one single being was on the streets. Everything was frozen in The Sound of Time.

Alan had had enough of this mysterious and strange journey. "I'm sorry, time is a precious thing, I'm sorry I've used it so carelessly." The stillness of the world had gradually gone away, the black void that was swimming with ticking clocks vanished as well. He was back at the hospital right beside his mother's bed. His mom was wide awake, and somehow Alan was standing.
Time truly is an important thing, whether you think it is just something else in the universe, please think again. If time never existed, neither would you.

01/24/2018 10:52 am
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Awww! I loved itt!! :D

(Just a lil thing for the format ^^ use spaces between the sentences)
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