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The Story of Steve: Part 3

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avatar Jfaz
Level 11 : Journeyman Artist
Steve suddenly felt the weightless feeling again. When he opened his eyes, he was back where he started. Steve, learning his lesson about creepers, started thinking about a shelter. He walked up to a tree, looked it up and down, and another report came into his head. The report said one thing, punch it. Steve looked at his fist, and drove it into the trunk of the tree. Suddenly, a small rotating model of the log plopped out, and the real log disappeared. Steve walked up to it, and he suddenly felt the log pop into his pocket. Steve shoved his hand into the pocket of his jeans, and suddenly a grid came up. There was a section named crafting, a small model of him, and lots of cubicles. In one of them, was the log. Steve started punching more trees, noticing that the logs above the one he punched didn't fall. (Of course Steve was born into this world, and not ours, so he regarded this as normal, as well as all the other physics in Minecraft.) At sunrise, Steve had collected a whopping number of 128 logs. He had also noticed that saplings fell from trees when the logs were taken away, so he planted them. Steve took all of his logs and made planks out of them. After making planks, (512, made with his bare hands), he took a plank out of one of the cubicles in his pocket, and realized that it was in the shape of a cube. To be even weirder, it was the size of the logs. Steve put the cube of planks down, and it instantly grew in size to the size of a real log. Steve made a large house, 10x15, 3 stories, holes for doors and windows, stairs out of cubes of planks, and dirt floors. Steve got a message in his head, and it said, "You have succeeded at making a house, and rather large may I say. But now, you are faced with the challenge of mining. Cordially, Notch." It was starting to get dark, and Steve noticed that his house was getting darker due to the lack of sun. He would have to find a light source. In the message, it listed how to craft things, and how to mine and what to mine. At the bottom of the mental letter, it said how to make a sword.

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