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Why can I get my posts out there?!!!?!?!?!?!?

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avatar Jfaz
Level 11 : Journeyman Artist
There are many great writers out there. Some big ones are Dinosawr, Andrewnguyener, DNEPWN's, and many more. But what about the little ones? What about all the Minecrafters that write stories that are really great, but are never really released into the world? A lot of authors on PMC are really terrible, agreed. They just post to be idiots. But there are those few, those last fighting few who want to get their stuff out there. Personally, I have wrote a few stories myself. They weren't that great I guess, because they only got like 10-25 views. I always wrote another story, thinking that maybe I would get over 20 frikin views xD. Never happened. This will probably only get about 5 views com to think of it xD. So, I want to get those good authors out there, the ones that only get those 5 views. The ones that only get those single comments that tell that you had typos in your story. The ones that haven't been discovered. Favorite, subscribe, diamond, and most of all, comment. I want to hear from those authors that arent out there. I will gladly read them and try to get them out there, even though I'm level 2.


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