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The tale of the 48th ronin.

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SeaBourneOwl avatar SeaBourneOwl
Level 31 : Artisan Dragonborn
The tale of the 48th ronin.
Based on a true story,

Over three hundred years ago there was a king, called Lord Asano, from the Ako Castle. He was mine and another 47 samurai's teacher. He was told to go to a Shogun's castle in Edo, to receive messages towards the Emperor. There he met Lord Kira, the "shogun's master of ceremonies," met the young Lord and assisted him through his castle. When the two Lord's arrived at their destination, Lord Asano, gratefully gave Kira a bonito fish, just for his patience.
A few days later at the day of the ceremony, my Lord didn't know where to place himself to finally receive the Emperor's delegation, so he kindly asked Lord Kira of his assistance and that foolish man dared mocking him! My Lord took out his sword and he was quickly restrained as he took out a sword at the castle's Shogun. About an hour later, it was decided that Lord Asano would be punished to death.
My daimyo, was forced into seppuku, or kami-kazi, which meant that the Lord would have to kill himself with his own powers. When the messenger arrived to us with the bad news, all 48 of us where shocked... we were officially ronin's. Not only that, but also the other Shogun would now try taking over our lands. We had to do something.
"Lord Kira was the only reason why Lord Asano is dead and the reason we are ronin. We have to do something about that! We swore to out Lord!" I said to the fourty-seven men.
"But, Sea-San... We cannot do anything as long as he is protected by his kingdom. We will only get ourselves killed and Lord Kira will keep on living his worthless life." A younger ronin told me.
"That... is true. But, we have sworn to our Lord. If we fail our promise, we will have to use the art of seppuku," Oishi, the master of all fourty-eight of us, said.
We had to wait. If we did any weird move a little after our Lord was killed, we would have been under great suspicion and maybe even get captured.
About one month later, once our land was taken over by the childish Lord, we decided to move and prove Kira wrong. At night, over fourty men dressed in their black and red costumes, climbed up at the tops of the buildings and silently jumped from building to building, grabbing on the roofs while trying to cause the least sound possible. We were jumping from house to house as fast as we could, leaving no trail behind. We were almost there. I could see the castle rise in the distance with some weak lights illuminating on top of the cold water that surrounded the Sandstone and Brick castle.
We were finally there. But, that was only the start.

To be continued...

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07/31/2013 5:58 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
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not bad, subbing and diamonding NOW
10/22/2011 7:39 am
Level 31 : Artisan Dragonborn
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Remember guys. This is a work in progress. Subscribe to find out the end the second I upload it :)
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