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the untold storys of minecraft (3)

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avatar superawesomedeathcat
Level 21 : Expert Spelunker
(Recap there was no sound then i looked at my door and then) i saw a figure i followed it and we had to be running for hours then the ground stared to float away to nothing and there wasn't anything just white i was sacred then out of no where i saw a flash it was a face like me but with white eyes then i was falling then landed i was sweating so bad it was like someone put a water fall on my face i woke up in a bed and i saw this amazing house but it wasn't mine i walked around and i saw this hallway i went into it and when i walked down it there was a kitchen and there was a girl with beautiful red hair that shined and then i said "hello" the girl jumped "oh my you scared me " she said berthing heavily "im so sorry ma'ma may ask your name" i asked she replied "im Mary and you are"
"Steve" i said we stared deeply into each others eyes............BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! out of no where we hear banging on the door Mary gave me a sword and iron bars she yelled "GO PUT THE IRON BARS ON THE DOORS QUICK" i asked her what was happening "WAIT WHATS GOING ON" she just yelled back "JUST FREAKING DO IT DO YOU WANT TO LIVE THEN DO IT" i did what she said and i blocked off all the doors and widows then she dragged me into this small room with just one light she said " just go to bed ok ill see you in the morning" i awoke only to see Mary's pretty face she had fallen asleep on the bed next to me i walked up stairs then i got hit in both my shoulders with arrows i fell all the way back down to the bunker blood was all over the stairs i was screaming "run Mary run there's no time to explain take my stuff and go if i make it out alive ill find you i promise you now go" i kissed her goodbye and she was crying " don't go your the only one i have in this world everyone else died i cant....i cant lose you either Steve "YOU NEED TO GO MARY I LOVE YOU AND I DON'T WANT TO YOU TO DIE JUST GO OK ILL MEET YOU WHEN I MAKE IT OUT OK" i felt as if i was chocking on my own blood i thought could this be the end of me................to be competed? yes or no find out next time

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