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Top 5 Minecraft Servers (1.7.2) (2013)

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JJtCool's Avatar JJtCool
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Top 5 Minecraft Servers; I think it's difficult to find the right server, although this is being made easier all the time, however here is a list of what I think, are the top 5 networks/servers at the moment. I will be making another list soon on the more "low key" servers, that don't get as much attention :)

5. Overcast Network
IP: oc.tc
Website: www.oc.tc

4. TheHive
IP: play.hivemc.com
Website: hivemc.com/

3. Hypixel
IP: mc.hypixel.net
Website: www.hypixel.net

2. Mineplex
IP: eu.mineplex.com
Website: www.mineplex.com

1. Shotbow Network
IP: us.shotbow.net
Website: shotbow.net/forum/portal/

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