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Truth and Lies

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kitgirl401's Avatar kitgirl401
Level 20 : Expert Artist
Hi everyone! Its kitgirl401! Today Im talking about lies and truths the reason is because sometimes telling the truth or the lie could hurt. Here are some the expamples for lies,truths,or fibs.

Lie: a lie could be something that isn't true,something that u made up or something
like "I have to go to a friends house'' but you are actually going to a party

Truth: a truth is when you are telling the real thing,like instead of telling a lie you say
'' Im going to a party'' so that the person with you knows where u really are.

So thats all i have to say about truths and lies Bye!

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08/16/2013 7:41 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Warrior
AceBlockAssassin's Avatar
Ok i dont really understand why you did this or are you showing people how to tell if someone was tellin a lie online? If so the do a new blog about how to tell if someone was telling a lie online that would be great
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