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Underwater Ruins- The Fish People

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avatar Izzie3000
Level 8 : Apprentice Dragon
The underwater ruins had been far underwater for many, many years. But what many don't know, is that they weren't always underwater. The ruins used to contain life forms. Not just any life forms, human beings. These humans suffered a deadly disease that made them half fish. This disease had been with them since birth. They were created in such a way that the sun burned their skin, and the only way to fix it was with water. But the water didn't only stop the burning, the skin turned to scales. They were born with lungs and gills, so they spent most of the time in the water. They're home, the ruins, were found above water, but protected them from the sun. The only problem was, the humans didn't like the fish people. They didn't only dislike them, they hated them. The fish people fought to survive, but were too weak to win the fight.
One day, the fish people were swimming around in the water with the tropical fish and dolphins. Steve and his people were adventuring off to cover more land. They came to the point where the land met the water. Steve spotted the ruins far out into the ocean. He ordered his men to sail their boats out to the mysterious ruins and claim it as theirs. The men did as they were told, and started to sail towards the ruins. The fish people noticed the boats, and began to panic. They knew that these boats coming toward them were nothing but trouble. When Steve's men got to the ruins, they noticed the fish people. All the men began to panic, and started to yell "Monsters!!!" and quickly sailed back to land. They told Steve of the "monsters" and he decided that the things did not need to live there.
Steve and his men marched back to their village, and began to collect sand and gunpowder. They planned on crafting TNT and blowing the fish people to pieces. The men pleaded Steve to stop, knowing that the TNT would not only kill the fish people, but it would also destroy the ruins. Steve refused. He didn't care about the ruins anymore, he just wanted the fish people dead. The men did not argue Steve, nothing good would come from that, and the men continued to craft the TNT.
The next day, Steve and his army began to sail back to the ruins, their boats loaded with TNT. The fish people spotted the boats and started to freak out. The families hid in their homes and protected one another. Children started to cry, and the parents didn't know what to do. Steve's boats got closer and closer. The men started to unpack the TNT and throw it all over the ruins. Steve himself lit the TNT with flint and steel without hesitation. Steve began to yell "Go Go Go!!!" and the boats hightailed it back to land. All of the TNT went off in a chain reaction. Steve watched with a evil grin on his face, and his men watched with horror. The screams from the ruins could be heard from miles away. Steve's smile fell to a frown when he saw all the damage done to the ruins. There were holes everywhere, and to everyone's despair, the ruins began to sink. They sunk all the way to the bottom of the ocean, broken and useless. Steve's men left him and lived their lives normally, without destruction. Steve became very lonely, as he was kicked from the village, and everything went back to normal.
What people didn't know, was that one child survived the explosions. He sulked at the sight of his people's dead bodies. he swam far away, and not many people have seen him since. The ones that have call him "Sarid" which means survivor. Sarid will live, and so will his home.

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  • DrownedPound
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  • September 23, 2018, 8:39 pm

  • LimeeFox
  • Level 37
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  • July 10, 2018, 4:18 am
I liked it! Creative story, good luck!

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