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Utility Bible ~ [Client Side Utility Mod List]

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Utility Bible [​Google Docs]
[​Direct link to Google Drive]

Utility Bible is a Utility (Client-Side) Mod list [​in .pdf]
[WARNING!] - [ Some mods might be deprecated as this list was last updated ages ago ]


[​1] Why did I made it?
- Im the biggest utility enjoyer, and I realized, no such (proper) list even exist or is impossible to find as every time I googled for "client-side utility mods", It always gave almost identical response, which always featured same few mods on every list, (not even mentioning how actually useless they are compared to some proper utility mods.)

[​2] Why is there a Hacked Client listed on?
- Because its 120% actual legit utility. "Hacked Clients" as everyone is used to call them, are nothing else than compact feature rich utility mods in one, well packaged .jar, with compatibility issues solved and with pretty good optimization [​Client with 70+ modules runs better than 70 separate mods adding one feature each]

[​3] What version / modding engine is it meant for?
- All recent versions on both Forge and Fabric, which only makes unnecessary confusion, thus has worse accessibility for average user.
[​My idea is to re-format it down to the core to make it easier to read by better formatting, easier to navigate by giving each mod a modloader tag, so user can select preffered engine right away.] (There is much more that could and should be done to improve upon it)


- Easier to read formatting, like line-spaces, aligns and more
- Global tags for modloader (forge, fabric) and latest version (1.12.x - 1.19.x) which positions could be assigned with to allow players to filter search.
- Adding INDEX & summary on top of the page & grouping mods based on type of utility, (render, movement, packet, command etc)
- Adding global sources (repositories) like CurseForge, Modrinth, Spigot etc, so people can navigate directly to source from interesting position
- Version checking API for sources to check if included mods updated since last manual review. [​Making API do this, saves plenty time with 100% accuracy]
- Many more features I forgot to mention and even more I haven't even came up with yet.


Im more than open and welcome for any contributions, from submitting your favorite mods, to literally picking it whole, doing formatting magic and taking care of entire project from now on. (Im simply too busy and nothing suggests It changing in near future, so Im unable to pull it myself. [​Also, my "format" is just piece of shit] making it harder to read only.

Im literally hoping for brave soul to carry on with this crucial mission.
Are you the humble one?

Contact me on Discord Silverainox#9452

So we can start the process right away.
+ We might want to create dedicated group on PMC,
update all sites still having old doc, ping friends,
announce revision on Discord to hook more people,
getting more views & better score as a result.

Personally Im able to do the API's for sources so it's always up to date,
As already mentioned above, I can't fix the whole project & take care about it all by myself.

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