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J'accuse!: Part 1 - Vigilant

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This is for ChiaroscuroWriting Extravaganza, Again - Extra Extravagance.
While Sandra is walking back in her car to go back home, she have a feeling that Theo will not make it easy conversation without

"Again, my husband did not steal anything in the museum and what do you want from the safe? We don't have the thing that you wanted and I can prove it to you!"

Theo is highly stressed out from all of this situation. He sighed, "Ms. Bel, you're making this difficult like your husband. We need the combination now."

"Not without me in it", Sandra said with a frown stare.

Theo yelled, "No! You give the code of the combination for the safe right now! Again, I don't want to waste your time."

Theo's anger is making Sandra more frustrated. "You're abusing your authority as a detective. You mentioned to me that Martin is guilty but you haven't proven me that he is. And now you're asking me to give you the combination of the safe. You have gone too far, detective! You need to explain everything and give a solid proof after I went back there."

The call ended.

Time is ticking.

Mallory doesn't know what to do now. She needs to reach out to Shirley and warn every conversation with the Universal Spider. The growing anxiety inside her mind leads her to panic.

There's no way she will convince Shirley to talk to phone. Now, the only way is to reach her to her apartment. It's been a long time that Mallory went into Shirley's home so she went for a ride on her car. This will take 10 minutes ride.

As she went to Shirley's apartment, Mallory is keeping an eye contact with anyone and taking a walk instead of sprinting to Shirley's apartment avoid suspicious. She already sensing that someone is watching her.

Mallory knocked on Shirley's door without saying it's her. She's anxious of the response but she needs to say this.

Sandra went back home seeing Theo and the rest of the officers. She slams the door and charges inside the house. The police officers are so cautious as she approaches.

Theo approaches, "Now that you're here. The combination."

Sandra answer back, "Of course. But first, how is my husband?"

"The combination. No further questions", Theo replied with angry expression.

"Fine." Sandra say the combination of the safe. She pointed out where the safe is. The officers went through the direction of where Sandra is pointing and there is the safe they're looking for.

"Move!", Theo halted the officers as they found it and open the safe. He unlock the safe.

The safe contains a musical jukebox and a love locket with a carving of Martin and Sandra but no sign of the Amethyst Spider.
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