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What Makes a Perfect Vacation?


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avatar MelonBites
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Lets start off with what is a vacation?
A vacation is when you get to relax, go outside, and remove all your stress.

Where should I go to?
Beaches are the most common locations.
They have sand that you can walk on and wait for your
feet to sink into the sand. You can relax in a lounge chair
under an umbrella away from the heat or you can go into
the salty water and get your nose hurting from the salt
and possibly cut yourself on the shells from the sea
floor. The only good thing is that you get to play with the
Landmarks are great once in a life-time opportunites.
-Make Memorys
-Get Some Lit Souvenirs
-Accoplish something.
-Learn Culture and History.

Travel Price
Choosing Location
Cruises, in my opinion, is the perfect way to go in a vacation.
Ocean View
Free Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Pizza
Live Performaces
The Activites
Waking up to the sunrise
(You see what I mean and this
is true because I went in a cruise before)

Travel Price
(Except when they are on sale
which I love)

Choosing Location(Cruise).
-Deciding what activites your gonna be doing when you get there.
-Have you been there?
-How many vacation spots
and activites are there.
-Do you have that merchandise?
-What are you planning to see

This is gonna list all the must-haves.
-A phone and, or
a camera.
-Your wallet, just in case ( :| )
-All the things you need to prepare for all the activites.
-Your Family (duh)

Now you choose what is the perfect vacation for you
from these examples and tips.

Written By:NuggetPlays

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