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What to Do in minecraft

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avatar calvinps352
Level 28 : Expert Spider Rider
1-Raid And Build Homes and Farms In The End
2-Get A Full Set Of Diamond Armer And Tools
3-Build A Mansion
4 Build A Shopping Mall ( must Have 50 Shops)
5-Build a House With A Toilet,Living Room, Basement,Bed Room's,Kitchen,Three Level's,2 Balconies ,A Roof A Fire Place,A Chimney ,Decoration, Windows,Closet And Secret Room
6-Survive 10 days in a mineshaft with onley 16pcs of wood
7-Build a hotel
8-Win a hunger games

If you have youtube account and you want to start a new seris
1-download RPGcraft and beat all the bosses
2-Do a nether survival You can onleyu take 64 apples 64x2 wood and 18 diamonds
3-Do a let's build

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Update #1 : 12/26/2012 5:33:13 amDec 26th, 2012

Added a lot more challanges
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