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Why Is Minecraft Addicting?

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ThatCobblestoneGuy's Avatar ThatCobblestoneGuy
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It's either you hate the game, or you are completely addicted to it. I mean, there are fun games out there that i love to play every now and than, but there not so addicting. But what about minecraft makes it so addicting? Does it contain nicotine? (Hopefully not :/) Well, read on... :)

Minecraft is much different to many games. Most games have a set task for you to complete. Whereas minecraft allows your imagination to run free. Whether it being building a giant house, to a plane, to even a statue of yourself if thats what you feel like.
Minecraft has the same effect of smoking (no, not damaging your lungs), it relaxes you, it takes your mind off the world around you, perhaps if you're stressed, or feeling sick. I find it just a great way to be in my own world and not concentrate on the real world.
Most games mainly have one aspect, whether it being a combat game, a racing game, a super hero game, but what is minecraft? Minecraft can be anything. Theres PVP, theres races like Mario Kart (Minecraft Version) Theres adventure maps, which you can go on an adventure, there are survival maps, survive in a custom terrain. Minecraft has almost infinite aspects. What CAN'T you do in the game? In call of duty you cant build a map, fly around (well, there are helicopters and stuff), you get the point. Minecraft is one of the greatest games to fall for. Wanna go an adventure? Play Minecraft. Wanna build a city? Play Minecraft. Wanna punch a tree and miraculously be fine? PLAY MINECRAFT!

Minecraft - The game that i will NEVER lose interest in. Because i can do ANYTHING.

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12/23/2013 4:53 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Button Pusher
Officerkit's Avatar
What does Needles have to do with this blog?
01/13/2014 9:29 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Dragonborn
ElEcTrIkWoLf476's Avatar
There is probably a drug in it which is addicting. Minecraft is addicting. So... ya
01/02/2014 6:55 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Cake
Moeztar's Avatar
Lol, my thought exactly.
12/19/2013 7:16 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Pokémon
Hexagonagon's Avatar
Well for many reasons:

It has and end but the game continues after it forever! the game never ends!

Mods and texture packs if your bored with the game giving it a new feeling or challenge

and imagination! most games are linear and have little choice, but in Minecraft you do what you want!
12/19/2013 7:17 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Pokémon
Hexagonagon's Avatar
Also why needles!! Dx
12/30/2013 10:10 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Cake
nemurihime72's Avatar
I guess it's like a metaphor where you get injected with something and it will make you addicted to something like for example the stuff in the needle is for addiction and is made for Minecraft, you will be addicted to it. I'm not sure if you get me though, because I don't know what I'm saying now.
12/12/2013 3:38 am
Level 25 : Expert Hunter
bigf's Avatar
The first time I saw this I didn't even click on it. I thought, Just another copier writing adding another unoriginal blog to PMC. Then it got Pop Reel and blew up. So I clicked on it. And I was like "WOOOOOOAAAAH"
12/11/2013 2:25 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
NormalShoes's Avatar
you make some pretty good blogs man:) diamond+fav+sub
12/10/2013 10:57 pm
Level 26 : Expert Crafter
kayrox107's Avatar
I love how you put the needle in the photo. Lol
12/07/2013 9:26 pm
Level 27 : Expert Toast
Hypnos_'s Avatar
Why did you add a needle in the description that made me scroll down here instantly