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Wish I had coding skills and time, Wild Ideas anyone is free to use.

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avatar Luis_Ur
Level 1 : New Miner
Exploring data packs and mods has really gotten my imagination rev up with ideas, sadly I have basically no java skills (but slowly trying to learn now) and time the bigger slow down factor. That being said I want to toss my ideas into cyber space and see if anyone else thinks they are good.

1) Tweaking Better Loot Tables by Ender_Host
  This is a data pack that is pretty awesome on it's own and honestly made the chore of mining and even mob grinding more interesting and fruit early into the game. I've been slowly tweaking on my own given its more complicated than just recipe building to get my toes wet with java. That being said someone else can probably complete these ideas faster than and inspirations from this data pack.
-->Tweaking Gold Tools for cooler drops could be a fun way to make use of gold tools (which most avoid) would be a great way to vanilla+ things; probably could be it's own data pack very easily.
===>Golden Sword: gives a chance for head drops (very rare), odder items, (bats dropping gun powder, skeletons dropping spectral arrows, zombies with iron or gold nuggets, phantoms with fish or other sea stuff, endermen dropping Chorus Fruit etc). With passive/neutral mobs, a chance for their spawn eggs to drop may be OP but could be interesting.
===>Golden Axe: more paper drop from bark (from another data pack), chance for random saplings of other trees, or apple drops with other trees. Red and brown mushroom drops from mushroom stems.
===>Golden Pickaxe: rare drops in stones, across all dimensions
===>Golden Shovel: Give treasure loot effect on gravel, sand, red sand, dirt, grass, soul sand, and magma blocks. With gravel it has a chance to drop as sand or dirt, dirt could drop as sand or red sand and other seeds (melon & pumpkin being favorites of mine), sand could drop rare sea items (heart of the sea, nautilus shell, scute, bamboo, etc.), soul sand glow stone dust or ghast tear chance to degrade to sand, magma block blaze powder, magma cream, and cobblestone.
===>Golden Hoe: could act like shears on grass, sea grasses, vines, etc. and could be use with a chance to make grass drop as Mycelium block, and dirt drop mushrooms

-->Expanding Stones loots, I love getting the coal, iron nuggets, and gold nuggets occasionally. Been tweaking adding in the other common ores/crystals that appear in stone, which required playing with the chances a bit to balance things, or so I hope I've done. What would be an good mod answer would be new items/entities for smaller portions of diamonds and emeralds shard/fragments, which other mods have done. [Currently low chances are Coal 0.018; iron nugget 0.01; gold nugget 0.009; redstone dust 0.003, lapis 0.002, Diamond and Emerald at 0.001 roughly based expected odds of each in stone averaged]
-->Other blocks with loots added
===>Netherrack: dropping nether wart, quartz, and (rarely) ghast tear
===>Nether bricks: blaze powder [recipe 2 powders to make a rod], netherwart, and wither rose {which would be better with some mode like wither dust to make wither roses with recipe wise} the logic is the presence of the blaze and wither skeleton rather exclusively around them.
===>End stone: chorus flower, ender pearl
===>Purpur Stone: shulker shell (rare), endermite spawn egg (very rare), chorus fruit

2) Sleepless affect on other Mobs
  Much like how the phantom numbers increase over time with sleepless nights other mobs should increase too (even allow their cap to increase each night), making that lost time mining more risky for a night time run. To prevent abusing it for grinders, mobs can spawn in at higher light levels progressively (able to spawn in at max after 12 days no rest) and Endermen as it gets more crowded would have a higher tolerance for light zones (all the way to the max lighting on day 10 no rest) and target lite blocks plunging places into darkness which then would suddenly get spawn swarmed. I know there are a lot of good mods that rack up difficulty in similar ways, but the Enderman mechanic that would take some excessive measure to overcome when using a bed is an easy fix.

3) Crazy Recipe ideas
  Should be able to get around to these my but i'm a terrible judge at OP ideas. Especially given my odd fondness of like ocean buffets aesthetically but wanting an easier survival curve. I apologize in advance if I've rediscovered a recipe idea I do honestly try to give credit where it's due. One thing I like to think in head is if the recipe seems OP is add and emerald and view it as a fancy Emerald Magic, which given it's rarity would slow down using the recipes like crazy.

->Buffet Soils/Misc (Craft Table)
==> Dirt+bone meal=grass block
==>Sand+dead bush/[or some wood]=dirt
==>Grass block+rotten flesh/poisonous potato=mycelium
==> 2 Stick (|) & String (~) |~| = 6 Scaffolding (Sticks equivalent of bamboo replacement)
==> 4 Stick = Dead Bush
==> Dead Bush + Water = Oak Sapling
==>9 Charcoal = 1 Coal Block (Oddly Charcoal is the same energy as coal so just a substitution, now if that can be changed I'd do 3 Charcoal = 1 Coal)
==>2 Blaze Powder+Stick = Blaze Rod

->Crazy Food (Craft Table)
==>[Raw meat]+brown mushroom=Rotten Flesh
==>[Cooked meat]+red mushroom=Rotten Flesh {With the Rotten Flesh to leather its an interesting farm-able way to make leather without mobs.}
==> 1 apple= 6 sugars (based on health restoration assuming sugar =1)
==>1 melon slice= 3 sugars
==>1 melon block=27 sugars
==>1 pumpkin= 18 sugars
==>9 Kelp = Charcoal
==>6 Sweet berries= Charcoal
==>1 Apple= Charcoal
==>1 melon block= Charcoal
==>1 pumpkin block= Charcoal
==>1 Hay Bale Block = Charcoal
==>Potato + Spider eye= Poisonous Potato
==>Egg+Sugar+Rotten Flesh=Spider eye [or aka equivalent mush]
==>Poisonous Potato+Cod/Salmon/Tropical fish=Pufferfish [make water breathing easier to acquire probably OP, easy fix is adding a emerald for "emerald magic cost"]

->More paper Sources (Craft Table)
  A pinch of realism as you can made paper form these sources and gives them even more usefulness then.
==>2 Bamboo=1 paper
==>1 log/plank=3 paper

->My additions on Coral Revival:
  Original idea props and better half of recipe outline to LemilasTheElf; it did occur to me though if not in a tropical world/sea you may not be able to get Corals so I though up some simple recipes:
==> Bone Block +[Dye Color] = Dead Coral
Dye    Coral Type
Blue    Tubed
Pink    Brain
Purple   Bubble
Red    Fire
Yellow   Horne
  Afterward following Coral Block Reviving by LemilasTheElf to make them living is the same, though I will toss in my "Emerald Magic" Recipe for a sea cumber idea wise
==>Torch+Water Bucket+Emerald Gem=Sea Cucumber

->Expanded Dyes and Key Flowers:
  Mostly was in the thought process of how to get flowers for Suspicious Stew without having to adventure far or if playing hardcore or in single biome buffet.
==> Green Dye
  • [Furnance] Scute,
  • [Craft Table] Melon slice+bone meal
  • [Craft Table] kelp
  • [Craft Table] Yellow Dye + Blue Dye (oddly not a vanilla option)
==> Black Dye
  • [Craft Table] Charcoal, Coal, Dry kelp (Not very original seen it a few times)
  • [Craft Table] Red Dye + Green Dye
  • [Craft Table] Blue Dye + Orange Dye
  • [Craft Table] Yellow Dye + Purple Dye
==> Brown Dye
  • [Craft Table] Orange Dye + Black Dye/Grey Dye
  • [Craft Table or Furnace] Brown Mushroom Block (makes 4 dye)
==> Red Dye
  • [Craft Table or Furnace] Red Mushroom Block (makes 4 dye)
  • ==> Grey Dye
  • [Craft Table or Furnace] Mushroom Stem (makes 4 dye)
==>Flower Recasting [Poppy and Dandelions are the two most common flowers over the most biomes as well and are the starters for the process]
  • Poppy/Dandelion + White Dye = White Tulip
  • White Tulip + Magenta = Allium
  • White Tulip + Blue = Cornflower
  • White Tulip + light Grey = Oxeye Daisy
White Tulip + Orange = Orange Tulip
  • White Tulip + White dye= Lily of the Valley
  • White Tulip + Red = Red Tulip
  • White Tulip + Pink = Pink Tulip
  • Lily of the Valley + Black Dye = Wither Rose
->Ore Based Bottles of Enchanting
  A bottle of Enchanting drops 0-11 XP per bottle so I thought it would be fair to use blocks of ore to fill them as a recipe
With a Glass bottle +
  • Coal Block = 1 Bottle of Enchanting
  • Iron Block = 2 Bottles
  • Gold Block= 3 Bottles
  • Redstone Block= 4 Bottles
  • Lapis Block= 5 bottles
  • Diamond Block= 6 bottles
  • Emerald Block= 7 bottles
->Emerald Magic Trees
  From Any planks + Dye, and an Emerald gemstone other tree saplings can be recipe helpful if biomes are hard to find, or player is a home body in survival.

  • White Dye = Birch Sapling
  • Green Dye = Spruce Sapling
  • Brown Dye = Jungle Sapling
  • Red Dye = Acacia Sapling
  • Black Dye = Dark Oak Sapling
  • Yellow Dye = Oak Sapling
->Emerald Magic Ice
  As one can guess 1 Emerald Gemstone+Water Bucket=2 Ice, however with addition lapis gems another ice block is added (total of 9 Ice blocks)
==>Ice = 8 Snow and Water Bucket

->Emerald Magic Spawn Eggs
  Seems like everyone has a spawn Egg Recipe idea, my loose thoughts is to emeralds as cost control but only for peaceful and neutral mobs. For Hostile mobs Two Shulker Shells/Box and an Emerald would be required except for the Shulker of course, it would be 8 Purpur blocks surrounding an Emerald Block, is my current thought process.

4) Random Mod or Data Packs Ideas
->Retexture Doors and Trap doors to look like planks and Add in new Doors and Trap Doors that either use glass panes to upgrade doors or a block of glass in the recipe. This is for a pinch of realism and easy way to make cheap door more like hidden doors. What would really put this over the top is if mobs could see thru glass in my opinion.

->More Passive Mob Droppings
  Much like how the Chicken does it's egg, and with Chickens Randomly Shed Feathers by MaximusArg1982, also feathers this is a awesome idea that could be added to a few mobs I think.
==>Bats, with gun powder (bath guano) This also sets up and idea that Creepers homes are actually bat rich caves and they are animated/awaken natural gun powder, or at least in my head lore.
==>Spiders, Cobwebs, Spiders set up cobwebs to slow and capture prey, they should be plopping them around even causally in my opinion the closest I've seen to this idea was Tetrajak's Spider Webbing, which gives the spiders the ability to spawn cobwebs as an attack.
==>Peaceful Predator Mobs (Wolves, Polar Bear) can drop rotten meat from left over meals.
==>Peaceful Mobs Horses/cows/sheep/donkeys/llamas drop grass, flowers, wheat seeds from "feeding" mess
==>Phantom drops membrane, rotten flesh, maybe string

->Customizing Seed Offline
  Taking Minecraft.Tools Custom seed Generator and making it an in main menu GUI aspect would be epic for sure

->Semi Customize/better Starting Bonus Chest
  Bonus Chest is nice, but can be rubbish as well, especially if you are unlike to be spawning some place with few resources like trees, edible plants, or in some buffets, land... something either more rounded or if it can be better fine tuned as reactive to the world start is beyond my skills but maybe not someone else.

That should be enough rambling for now, feel free to tell me to sod off below, take on an idea as your own to build, or bounce around ideas, suggestions about any of the ideas.
CreditEnder_Host, LemilasTheElf, MaximusArg1982, Tetrajak

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